Galina Rzhaksinsky arranged the first photo shoot of the daughter

Галина Ржаксенская устроила первую фотосессию дочери Ex-participant of the project “the Bachelor” showed child. Galina Rzhaksinsky thanked wife for what he was there for her at such a crucial moment. Now a young mother accepts congratulations from fans and prepares to be discharged from the perinatal center.
Галина Ржаксенская устроила первую фотосессию дочери

On Sunday evening, the finalist of the third season of Dating show “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky first became a mother. She gave spouse Eugene a daughter who was named Elizabeth. As it turned out, the man was present at childbirth. He decided to support the woman in such a difficult and exciting time of life.

Immediately the next day there were photos of Galina with her husband and baby. She shared with fans the first footage of his newborn daughter.

“I love you, life. I want to Express my gratitude for the best day of my life. The best husband that I didn’t ask to be there but dreamed about it, and he did. And his first words “thank you for a daughter” I will never forget. My doctor Hathaway the A. V. – with its help, my birth began to resemble a Comedy romantic movies as easy to give birth. But it’s the truth, honestly, we watched the clips, laughed, chatted. I’m so ready still to bear and to give birth. Girls, listen to your doctors and everything will be. And Yes, where are the photos? The world is amazing, I met Katya. Thank you, you were a part of our big family in this day, we didn’t even notice her camera, Kate became even more assistant-assistant” – thanked Rzhaksinsky.

Finalist of the show “the Bachelor” said that now that the family had a child, their life with your spouse will change dramatically. Fans are happy for Galina with Eugene and wish a newborn girl health. They were touched that Rzhaksinsky seeks to share with them such a joyful event.

“The first minute of our daughter’s life. Our meaning of life. Husband, I love you very much, thank you for always there, and Elizabeth was not afraid,” asked Galina to the spouse.

Now the former participant of the reality show prepares to be discharged from the hospital. Galina believes her maternity leave will not be too long. A young mother determined to return to business as soon as possible. She made all those plans, so he wants to implement. Pregnant Galina Rzhaksinsky: “I will not be able around the clock to care for a child”

“I don’t think I will be able 24 hours a day to care for a child, although it may change me motherhood. I do not take into account the first months when the newborn is breastfed. A little later, I have big plans, so of course, going to work,” said Rzhaksinsky.