Галина Боб переживает из-за страшной болезни сына
Actress Galina Bob, famous after the filming of the series “Devchonki”, is an active user of the social network and often talks about his sons Leo and Andrei.

Галина Боб переживает из-за страшной болезни сына

Some time ago, the Galina family and I went on holiday to Turkey. But abroad the eldest heir of the actress picked up a dangerous virus, which is now trying to cope parents.

“Loew became ill on the ninth day of our holiday! I have never in my life seen the level of 40 on the thermometer, until that day. I cried for three days straight at the sight of the huge festering blisters, Osipovich all little body to my ginger. He was delirious and could neither eat nor sleep nor walk,” says the actress.

Later, Galina said that the boy was now feeling better and on the mend.

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