Galina Bob reported on the terrible disease son

Галина Боб сообщила о страшной болезни сына The star of the series “Deffchonki” it was not easy for a story about the state of the baby. Galina Bob had a rest in Turkey, where the eldest son got an infection. Now the whole family returned to Russia, where parents continue to fight for the health of the child.
Галина Боб сообщила о страшной болезни сына

The star of the series “Deffchonki” Galina Bob regularly shares with fans the details of the life of sons Leo and Andrei. She publishes videos and photos involving children. Not long ago, the actress was vacationing in Turkey. During the stay abroad, she told me about how fun and carefree spending time next to loved ones. In fact, their vacation was marred by the nuisance is the eldest child picked up a dangerous virus.

“Loew became ill on the ninth day of our holiday! I have never in my life seen the level of 40 on the thermometer, until that day. I cried for three days straight at the sight of the huge festering blisters, Osipovich all little body to my ginger. He was delirious and could neither eat nor sleep nor walk,” said the artist.

Galina admitted that she is very hard on the soul from those memories. She hesitated to report the disease to the fans, but then changed his mind. Apparently, the actress felt it necessary to warn the podeschi, who also has small children.

Bob believes that Loew picked up the Coxsackie virus. It belongs to the category of children’s infections. The disease causes disruption of bowel, General intoxication and distinctive rash. The star of the series “Deffchonki” admitted that he had heard of this illness, however, has taken all necessary – monitor the cleanliness of the hands of children, were not allowed to swim in the pool and thoroughly washed vegetables and fruits. But it does not protect the child.

“Door handles in public spaces after all, no one wipes after each person to touch their child! Of course not! Nobody will pay attention, how many people touched the chair on which at dinner is to sit your child! Of course, it caused a local doctor, he said that the Coxsackie raging that hospitals are overcrowded and therefore treated at a hotel!” – said Galina.

Fans were quick to support the artist and thanked her for the information. They wished the little one a speedy recovery.

“What a nightmare! There’s nothing worse when it’s your child! Take care of yourself, my dear”, “Health Leve! Baby, get well soon! My heart bleeds when I read. It’s awful,” “really, very well told, and everyone thinks that will carry and travel with children in the hope not to get sick. We wanted to, but after hearing, abstained. Thank you!” – wrote followers.

Now a celebrity is in Moscow, but until now Loew is not recovered completely. Galina glad son is on the mend – he has no fever, rash gradually disappears, and the boy feels cheerful.