Galina Bob has lost a loved one

Галина Боб потеряла близкого человека In the family of the stars of the series “Deffchonki” the tragedy occurred. Galina Bob told the fans that took the life of her beloved grandfather. The actress admitted that was very close to his cousin. “I will always love you, grandfather,” wrote Galina Bob in the microblog.

      Galina Bob, the actress of theatre. City Council and the star of the series “Deffchonki” is now experiencing one of the most difficult periods in my life. Family of the actress has suffered an irreparable loss. On Friday, October 14, departed this life beloved grandfather of the actress. Galina Bob decided to share his grief with his fans and announced the tragedy on Twitter, posting a photo where she was captured along with his grandfather. By the way, the actress and her close relative are very similar.

      “Yesterday was not my grandfather… The best, most wonderful grandparents on earth… I will always love you, grandpa…,” wrote Galina Bob. In a difficult situation, the actress supported her husband, Director Sergei Koryagin. Galina and Sergey were married October 1, 2014, and March 20, 2015 Bob gave her husband a son Levu.

      Do not stay aside and expressed her words of sympathy and sorrow subscribers Galina Bob. Under her post left hundreds of review with words of condolence and support.

      “It’s hard to lose loved ones. I’m so sorry. The Kingdom of heaven the grandfather…”, “also Recently died my beloved grandfather, the most beloved man on earth. Very understand you, hold on,” “Sorry, Gal, I’m so sorry, hang in there, everything will be fine”, “I’m so sorry. Understand. Hang in there, what else to say”, “sorry for this great loss, but your grandfather will be proud of you, because you are the man who deserves respect!”, “Condolences To Galya, Darling….The loss of a loved one is the worst! But he sees everything and is proud that he has such a great granddaughter, Condolences. Very painful to lose loved ones. We all support you”, – write fans and friends of Galina Bob.

      Recall that in these days of sympathy take the one-star TV channel TNT, a former member and now a leading reality show “Dom-2” Aliana Gobozova. On the eve after a long struggle with serious illness – a brain tumor – died Aliani mother, who was also a member of “House-2”, Svetlana Ustinenko. Svetlana Ustinenko died after a long illness

      Native Svetlana Mikhailovna has made every effort to get her disease cured. Thanks to the support of family members, friends and colleagues on the famous telestroke, Ustinenko sincerely believed in the possibility to recover and start life. However, the miracle did not happen.