Galina Bob gave his first solo concert in Moscow

Галина Боб дала первый сольный концерт в Москве
Star “Devchonok” presented his solo album.

Галина Боб дала первый сольный концерт в Москве

On the stage of one of the Moscow clubs Galina Bob officially began his musical concerts. First solo concert was paired with the presentation of the first mini-album, titled “Sweet things”. The album includes six songs, the writing of which, their adjustment and the arrangements took a whole year. According to Galina, each and every song she changed, fully dealt with music and words, to feel a hundred percent emotions and feelings of each song.

The concert of Galina performed 12 songs: performed songs from his new album, and new tracks are getting ready soon to release.

“We wanted to release a full album of twelve songs, but is so enthusiastic about working with them is that every song has invested a lot more time and effort than originally anticipated. So by the time I had to do the release, it was ready in just six songs. Decided not to wait and released a mini-album. — Bob says. Over the remaining songs work is still ongoing: we’re redoing the arrangements, changing vocal pictures, looking for interesting solutions for losses in songs and every day something improving. Therefore, the non-album songs will be part of the next release.”

Supported Galina on stage by her friend and colleague in the shop Basil Kosinski from the group 5staFamily. Together they sang a few songs and didn’t stop joking. Guests of the event were charged with the sweet energy of the album and called the singer a few times “encore”. Thanks to the support of friends and the warm welcome of the audience excitement Gali on stage was almost imperceptible.

“I was worried terribly. The week before the concert was the most exciting, I hardly slept. I even forgot my name, what day of the week, but I remember the lyrics of the songs that constantly played in my head. As soon as I imagined that before me is a crowd of spectators, immediately began to worry that you’ll forget lyrics, all the notes and everything else. That was my biggest fear! — says the artist. — The day before the concert I actually thought I forgot how to sing and it is necessary to cancel the concert. In General, the fear was off the charts, but at the concert after the second song when I felt the energy in the hall, I relaxed. When everyone popped up to dance, do then sing more and more, and was sad that I only have 12 songs. At the end started calling for an ENCORE and it was so cool and pleasant, so I now task number one is to write songs and make people happy on.”