Galina Bob explained, why don’t children vaccinated

Галина Боб объяснила, почему не делает детям прививки
The actress has placed all points over “i”.

Photo: Instagram

Galina Bob took a chance and expressed his personal blog about one of the greatest outrage of our time — about childhood vaccination. It is no secret that the society was divided into two parts: the “pros” and “cons” of vaccination. First make sure that it is a prerequisite of progress, the other that it is irreparable harm to the child’s body.

As it turned out, Galina Bob had not vaccinated their sons Leve (he’s now 2 years and 7 months) and Andrew (he is 6 months), although it is not an opponent of vaccination.

“A strange situation… — said Bob fans. I’m the mom who “FOR” vaccination, their children still have not done! They “dated” only those who do in the hospital. Every time we on the Left were tested before vaccination and the doctors gave us the good, the next day, or the same, he was sick, had a cold or a virus. And ,of course, was postponed! And so it is to this day! With Andrew is EXACTLY the SAME SITUATION! Only we’re about — and, lo and behold, otitis media. Some doctors swear, I can not understand why we do not do them!? And I’d love to, but I can’t. Was beginning to think that these are the signs that may not be worth it? Perhaps, you have to think about it is impossible, but then again, children will get sick.”

Subscribers actress the laws of the genre is also divided into two opposing camps. Someone has to convince Galina to do the children any vaccinations due to the possible dreadful complications. Other support and saying that it is necessary to catch the moment — and to participate in the mandatory ages for children vaccination.