Galina Bob and Anastasia Stotskaya can have in one day

Галина Боб и Анастасия Стоцкая могут родить в один день
The stars are preparing for the big event in your life.

Galina Bob and Anastasia Stotskaya

Galina Bob and Anastasia Stotskaya going to become mothers. Pregnant
stars share their plans for the future and their fans are placing bets, give birth whether Galina
and Anastasia in one day?

Such questions arise because both the actress and the singer are on the ninth
month. Now they are anxious to choose the garments, clothing and all
necessary items for a newborn. So, Nastya and Galina older
eldest sons, they are experienced moms, and, guided by mistakes
inevitably make all the newly minted mommy, I try not to repeat them. For example, Nastia realized that strollers the baby should be
several, not just one wheelchair-transformer.

“Mommy’s troubles continue, says Stotsky. — For a long time
choose a versatile stroller for all occasions. But, in my experience, their
there should be several: for travel, winter snow, summer sand, light
walks. When Sasha was born, was not such a huge range
children’s transport. Fortunately, now more freedom of choice. Now I have them
will be a few. While I chose
main pushchair: suitable for long distance travel, walks on the streets of Moscow”.
By the way, became known the exact date of pregnancy Anastasia — 36 weeks. About it
she told herself.

Galina Bob is currently going to the hospital. More
only actress concerned about breastfeeding and to him she is preparing now
taking necessary drugs that stimulate lactation, as well as purchasing all
goods, without which it can not do any one nursing mom, for example,
the breast pump. Both stars lead an active lifestyle and believe that lie
on the ninth month on the couch and doing nothing is not for them.

“Galia, how much can you work? How much can you ride? —
says the star “Devchonok” about the statements of his friends. — You need to sit
home, and nowhere to go! Well, high, walk around the neighborhood or to the store for
bread! — I often read of moms on the forums. Why sit at home? Maybe
lie and lie in General? I don’t want a big ass seasoned! I want to work, want
so the mood was good, I want to communicate with people… And not “sit
home” in the ceiling to watch, and then whine that I somehow gained 100 lbs! Left in his gut by the way, I
dangled through to birth even in the hospital with contractions was ready to go myself for
the wheel. My husband was laughing at me. Sorry I’m boiling!”