Gaius Germanicus have ceased to hide the younger daughter

Гай Германика перестала скрывать младшую дочку The Director showed the face of a little Came. Daughter Valeria Gai Germanicus, exactly a month. Star receives congratulations on the occasion of the first birthday of the little girl and pleases fans of heartwarming pictures of Severina.

      Гай Германика перестала скрывать младшую дочку

      The flamboyant film Director Valeria Gai Germanika these days is enjoying motherhood – April 22 star became twice a mother giving birth to a charming baby Severin. How lovely the tiny heiress celebrities, fans of Valeria Gai Germanicus can see for yourself. Star long kept secret from the prying eyes of baby Severin, and in the day, when she was exactly one month, showed her photo in his microblog.

      Gai Germanicus has published a full of motherly love and tenderness picture, which she gently kisses clinging to her face little face little daughter. “What a warm photo…Grow up healthy. I admire you, Valeria! For me you are the example and honour”, “Hooray!”, “Little great happiness”, – such comments left under the post Valeria Gai Germanicus followers of the Director. Your first birthday little Severina notes already ordained in the Orthodox faith. Not so long ago, Gaius Germanicus dubbed daughter in one of the capital’s temples.

      It is worth noting that words of admiration Valeria Gai Germanika was awarded not just a young woman was shown how she’s strong and brave man, having managed to erase from the life of a former husband, dancer Vadim Lyubushkina, who betrayed her. Spouses, recall, broke up at the time when Germanicus was already expecting a child. There is evidence that it even put a dash in the column “father” in the birth certificate Came and daughter had been given his middle name – V..

      Гай Германика перестала скрывать младшую дочку

      The young mother did not give up and self-confident. All possible assistance Germanicus has an older daughter, eight-year-old Octavia. The girl responsible for his age, with great pleasure of Babysitting a younger sister and very sensitive to her concerns.

      Star in their posts does not get tired to thank friends and family who supported her in the difficult period of the breakup with the father of her second daughter Vadim Lyubushkin. Plus, Valeria Gai Germanika, the personal example proved that a woman can cope with any offered to her by fate of circumstances, forces wishes to all women caught in a similar situation. “Mommy, single, never despair! In the place of one subhuman God will send one hundred good assistants,” – wrote in Instagram Germanicus immediately after birth Severina.

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