Gai Germanicus has shared the first photo of newborn daughter

Гай Германика поделилась первым фото новорожденной дочки The cited the admiration of fans of the Director. Valeria Gai Germanicus showed pink heels my baby Came. This part of the body babies so I love to kiss young moms.

      Гай Германика поделилась первым фото новорожденной дочки

      A little over a week ago film Director Valeria Gai Germanika in the second time became a mother. The star is still accepting congratulations in such a wonderful event as the birth of her daughter Severina. As if in response to the wishes of good and happiness for her and her little girl, Valeria Gai Germanika early Easter morning has pleased its subscribers a touching picture of a little Came.

      The Director showed the sweetest part of the body, which is so like to kiss all of mom’s babies. Valery captured the delicate pink heels Severina, which she keeps in her palm. Poignancy attaches to frame and the realization of how tiny and helpless a newborn baby.

      Fans of Valeria Gai Germanicus first brought the Came in the rapture. They, for the umpteenth time, congratulated the young mother with the birth of his daughter and wished her and the baby peace and kindness. “Sweet heel! Congratulations!”, “Funny fingers, in pairs!” – touches the followers of the famous Director.

      Meanwhile, given birth to a daughter on 22 April, Valeria Gai Germanika’s already out of the decree. A week after giving birth the Director has already met with colleagues, including a former participant of “Battle of psychics” Pakhomov. However, Germanicus during pregnancy talked about the fact that he is not going to stay long on maternity leave, and will soon begin work on a new project.

      The young mother, who was left without the support of her husband, despairs and self-confident. Gai Germanicus will have to cope with all the problems and raise two daughters – little Severin and elder Octavia. Star in their posts does not get tired to thank friends and family who supported her in the difficult period of the breakup with the father of her second daughter Vadim Lyubushkin. Plus, Valeria Gai Germanika, the personal example proved that a woman can cope with any offered to her by fate of circumstances, forces wishes to all women caught in a similar situation. “Mommy, single, never despair! In the place of one subhuman God will send one hundred good helpers” – optimistically said the Director, speaking to fans about their feelings of a young mother.


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