Gagarin is resting in the Maldives after the “Voices”

Гагарина отдыхает на Мальдивах после «Голоса»

The singer has rented a luxury Villa on a Paradise island where going to restore forces after heavy shooting of the project “Voice-5”.

Recently Polina Gagarina went to a well-deserved vacation to the Maldives. The singer has admitted that the shooting of the project “the Voice 5” it was not easy.

Now it is time to relax on white sand and to please his many fans a fresh batch of photos in a bikini, Polina, in fact, already started to do.

Indeed, next to her is her beloved husband Dmitry Isakov, who even on vacation has his camera, filming his beautiful wife.

In the accounts of the spouses in Instagram already has pictures, which led to the delight of their subscribers.

On the first day of the rest of Gagarin admired the sunset of unparalleled beauty, the blog star, of course, there were photos. The next day Paulina shared a photo in a bikini and told me that finally decided to change the hotel to the Villa.

“From the land moved to a water Villa! First time decided before then confused! But this Villa is worth it”, – shared his emotions the mentor of “the Voice”.

A photo where the singer demonstrates a perfect figure, in the first hours gained more than 78 thousand likes.