Gadgets come

Гаджеты наступают

Students from St. Petersburg have to offer spy night vision device for smartphone which you can buy now on pre-order for 900 rubles. The project and device with the same name ZOM and was recently presented at krupodyorov site. First investors will get their devices in December 2017. The authors promise that their know-how will surpass all expectations.

Gadget lovers around the world anxiously follow the news and are hunting for trendy gadgets. And the developers are attached to their smartphones the most unusual device: conceptual, useful, funny. Not far behind this trend and domestic inventors.

Гаджеты наступают

Spy stuff

The cell phone was once a simple “pipe” for calls, has now become a symbiosis phone, computer, camera, camcorder, voice recorder, scanner. And since I have such a miracle in his pocket, the owners tend to use its capabilities to the maximum. Wanting to feel like a detective demand spyware applications. But most of these hopes do not justify. The psevdoprogrammy, the developers promise to transform the smartphone into a full-fledged night vision device is actually a immediately discover a secret agent due to the visible beam or allow us to consider except your shoes — they were not enough.

There was a demand, a proposal

Recently, students from St. Petersburg was presented to the public its a night vision device. ZOM through the camera any smartphone or tablet can “see” in total darkness at a distance up to 30 meters. It is compatible with optics, which increases the range of “light of sight” up to 300 meters. The device is water resistant, not afraid to shock and mechanical damage. It is possible to go for a walk in the rain or to swim across the river. Night vision device miniature and very light (weight and size — the analogue of a matchbox). And works without batteries — powered by your smartphone or “Power Bank”. So if the phone is charged, ZOM during night walks will definitely not disappoint. In General, everything as befits a real spy all-seeing eye.

Гаджеты наступают

You can come up with many options for use of the instrument. One thing is clear: ZOM gives a new, not previously available opportunities for development, creativity, study, work.

The people’s project

The students did not look for sponsors, and decided to test the mighty power of crowdfunding. “We are interested to know the opinion of people about our invention to test people’s interest in gadgets of this type. So I decided to take a chance and have people vote ruble”, — said the head of the project Vadim Makarenko.

The patriots put their miracle of modern technology on the Russian platform Boomstarter. Requests the guys are very humble — they plan to collect 300,000 rubles (approx. $ 5 000). And the first copies of the offer to 900 rubles.