Федору Добронравову запретили выступать из-за перенесенного приступа An actor needs to undergo treatment. According to Alexander Shirvindt, Fedor Dobronravov forced to spend a few days in the hospital. At the end of March he returns to work.

On the eve it became known that Fedor Dobronravov was in the hospital. The actor was unable to perform in the resort of Svetlogorsk near Kaliningrad, where was to be held a performance of “Freaks” with his participation. The representative I got in touch with journalists and explained that not much to worry about.

“No details can not tell, but it’s terrible,” said the agent Irina Soykina.

In Moscow on the status I asked the artistic Director of the Moscow theatre of satire Alexander Shirvindt, the troupe is an actor. He said that Dobronravov have to leave work for a while.

“Regarding the health of Fyodor Dobronravov, no panic. <…> Fyodor had some kind of little stroke and vascular properties. It happened in Sergiev Posad, today he went to Moscow and in a couple of days to go to the clinic for examination”, – said Shirvindt.

According to artistic Director of theatre of Satire, the next performance with Dobronravov, “Where are we?!”, scheduled for March 21, will be replaced. “The next performance, which is in the poster on March 29, will be held,” added town.

Recall that the Dobronravov did a lot of work lately. In 2018, the screens out the film “once upon a time,” where he played the actor. In early March, held a private premiere.

In 1990, Fyodor Viktorovich worked in the theater “Satyricon”, and in 2013 became the actor of Theatre of satire. In parallel, he worked in television, where for several years starred in the sketch show “6 frames”. In addition Dobronravov has starred in several films, including “radio Day”, “Elimination”, “Matchmakers”.

Fedor happy marriage with his wife Irina. They married and were married about 35 years ago. “Up to 90 years will be your faithful, and then, sorry, will start to walk”, I said. My wife agreed. And lived for 35 years. In Russia when our Christian faith is normal. God gave me one creature is my wife, she is fine with me. Maybe I’m a man of the old school, but if you give your word, then you are obliged to feed the family, to work, to educate children. Life in deception even can not imagine”, – said the actor. The wedding will not interfere with Fyodor Dobronravov to cheat on your wife