Fyodor Bondarchuk with colleagues opens film school

Федор Бондарчук с коллегами открывает школу кино
The Director spoke about the peculiarities of the interesting project.

Fyodor Bondarchuk

Photo: press service

Fyodor Bondarchuk,
National Media Group and the “Hydrogen” open up the INDUSTRY for everyone. It
the first school of cinema and television, opened by the leaders of the Russian film industry
to create a new generation of professional creative personnel. Its founders
— Fyodor Bondarchuk and producer of the film “Hydrogen” Mikhail Vrubel and Alexander
Andryushchenko. National Media Group will become a partner of the project. The main difference between the “Industry” from other film schools is
unique training system:
the best professionals in practice to share with students their knowledge
and experience and after completing the course graduates will find an extensive internship program.

“I don’t
open school Fyodor Bondarchuk: We open the school for the entire industry. “Industry” is a school whose mission is to give Russian movie what
he most lacks, namely, young, highly qualified
professionals who make the success of the Russian cinema not one-off cases and
confident movement in the direction of smoothly running system”, — he told

General Director NMG Olga paskina told that the school
will provide a unique platform for exchange of experience. “There are people “in the industry” producers,
Directors, writers, and people “for the industry” — aspiring professionals
who want to step into the world of film and television, she says. — MWF
actively developing content direction. It is obvious that without new young
professionals the industry has no prospects of growth. We believe in the potential
educational project and intend to participate in its implementation as a partner.”