Fyodor Bondarchuk surprised by the phenomenal popularity of Olga Buzova

Федор Бондарчук удивлен феноменальной популярностью Ольги Бузовой The Director believes that the presenter is of interest to a huge number of people. In the online show “OK!”I came Fyodor Bondarchuk. He answered questions of Internet users and talked about his new film, which will be released soon on the screens.
Федор Бондарчук удивлен феноменальной популярностью Ольги Бузовой

During the communication with the user network “Facebook” the famous Director and producer of the film “Selfie” Fyodor Bondarchuk speculate about the success of Russian films, and also shared his thoughts about Alexander Petrov, who played in his few scenes. Soon the screens will be released film “Ice”. Played Alexander Petrov and Aglaia Tarasova.

“I call it the “romantic story “Ice.” Even “fairytale romance”. This is the debut of the great Director, with whom we have a bit similar biography of Oleg Trofimov. The film was conceived as a bleak tale, but in the end grew into something bright,” – said Bondarchuk about the new product.

However, the premiere of the film “Selfie,” which the Director showed up together with fiancee Paulina Andreeva, he believes not so successful. According to the filmmaker, after such events people discuss not the film itself, but only images of the actors. Bondarchuk considers that this event could be replaced in only one of Olga Buzova.

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“I recently do not understand, why to arrange a premiere. Probably to many to know about it. In the end, there are pictures and comments are the same – who and what hairstyle, who dressed as, “burn in hell” and so on. But then why hold the Prime Minister to spend a lot of money and effort if you can invite Olga Buzova one, put the screen and exhaust will be twice, three, a hundred times more. Want – accept this paradigm, you don’t have to take, but it’s a fact,” said Fedor.

Bondarchuk was able to fully reveal the talent of Alexander Petrov. The actor, who played in the TV series “Police with the ruble” passed the audition “Gravity” by a lucky chance.

“Alexander Petrov – the secret weapon. How he got into “the Attraction”? I tried all of artists and just young people aged 14 to 25 years, which looks at the theater. And asked: “what about Petrov?”. And I say: “Wait, everything is clear and Petrov”. And Petrov comes and tears literally teeth. He’s an animal, in a good way. Do not play people. Maybe we’ll find something better than Petrov? Maybe we can find a new Petrov? I’m telling you, he’s a secret weapon. If the character Petrov was not a hockey player and weightlifter, and was an Armenian, anyway Petrov would play,” – said Bondarchuk.