Fyodor Bondarchuk spoke about unexpected happiness

Федор Бондарчук заговорил о неожиданном счатье The Director told how his life has changed. According to Bondarchuk, he realized that outside screen is also there are times when love suddenly finds a man. However, filmmakers are afraid to share.

      Федор Бондарчук заговорил о неожиданном счатье

      At the end of January, the screens out the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Attraction”. In anticipation of the premiere filmmakers a lot of contact with journalists, talking about how was working on a painting. On the show the novelty in “October,” a man appeared with his fiancee Paulina Andreeva. As noted by the guests, the Director was beaming with joy and willingly answered questions of media representatives. Paulina Andreeva provoked conversations about the interesting position

      Removing the “Attraction” Bondarchuk refused to cooperate with famous actors, having decided to recruit a young team. According to Fedor, he had to explain a lot of chances for inexperienced guys, but it was fun.

      “I was periodically lying on the ground, explaining as quickly as possible “to thefactoring” clothes or how to napisati it with water diluted with salt, and there were circles of sweat. Secrets accumulated a great many. And they have a different energy, young blood. I immediately admitted that energy will devour them, but I think this exchange was 100%,” said the Director.

      Moreover, Bondarchuk confirmed that during the filming of the film “Gravity,” his life has changed dramatically. As suggested by fans of the talent of the Director, meeting with Paulina, he literally blossomed. The Creator of the blockbuster denies that now feels truly happy.

      “Yes, horrible! Even afraid of it,” said Fedor.

      In the film “Gravity” shows two love stories. First, the heroine Irina Starshenbaum enjoys a romantic relationship with the Subject, played by Alexander Petrov. However, in the second half of the film her heart melts at the sight of a representative of alien civilization (Rinal Mukhametov).

      Fyodor Bondarchuk believes that in real life it is not easy to predict when he’ll find love. “I will never agree that feeling something thoughtful. We planned it? Man proposes and God disposes. The way it is. Sometimes painful, occasionally unfair, but the main thing – fairly,” said the Director in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.

      By the way, about half a year there is talk that Fedor is planning to legalize the relationship with his chosen. Surrounded by celebrity rumor has it that he has already made an offer to the Pauline, but as long as the pair does not disclose the date of the celebration.