Fyodor Bondarchuk found the actor for the second part of “Gravity”

Фёдор Бондарчук нашёл актёра для второй части «Притяжения»
The Director saw a future hero in the musical contest.

Fyodor Bondarchuk

Photo: PR-service of NTV

Coming soon on NTV starts the music contest “You’re super!”,
which will give a chance to talented children,
left without parental care, to Express themselves. Fyodor Bondarchuk came to the project as a guest and after the speech of Bogdan Kozlov allocated among
all young artists. “Bogdan is
all to become an actor — memorable appearance, artistry and
vocal ability — says Bondarchuk. — Natural resources need to develop — I recommend to go to drama COLLEGE, to move in this direction. Believe
the kid’s got a great future.” By the way, Bogdan had a wish
to connect the life with a great movie.

The jury of the musical show offered more closely
look at the contestant. Fyodor Bondarchuk has promised that, when will start
shooting of the blockbuster “Gravity-2”, he will invite Bogdan Kozlov doing
one of the roles.

Recall the title of the movie “Gravity” proved to be prophetic for
Aleksandr Petrov and Irina Starshenbaum who sang in this fantastic
the picture the main role. A few months, the actors attempted to conceal their affair even
from the Director, but Fedor Bondarchuk admitted that calculated from the lovers
start. And tactfully kept silent about it until Alexander and Irina do not announced
themselves a couple. It happened at the Kinotavr film festival last year, where she was
presentation of “Attraction”.