Федор Бондарчук впервые объяснил уход из семьи к Паулине Андреевой The Director admitted that she did not destroy his marriage with Svetlana. According to Fedora, their romance with the actress began after he decided to divorce his wife. Filmmakers really tired of rumors in the press, therefore, frankly told him how it was.

      Fedor Bondarchuk is preparing to hit the audience with the film “Gravity.” A few trailers released for the film, caused a wide resonance in the social networks. The life of the Creator of the picture also becomes a subject for discussion. In the middle of this year, Fedor Bondarchuk had divorced his wife, Svetlana, with whom he lived many years in marriage. However, the Director did not remain one. Soon he began an affair with Paulina Andreeva, who for many years younger than him.

      New relationships of a novel excited the public. Many have come to believe that the young actress has provoked the divorce of Frank. For a long time, the man did not comment on such rumors, however, in an interview to one of editions, summing up the year, Bondarchuk told the whole truth about divorce and new romance with Andreeva.

      “Let’s just say I was single when I met Paulina, and I was free not a month or a week, and a few years. And I think that’s right, when people respect themselves, can not lie to myself and say directly that you need to be ready for change. The fact that the changes occurred because of someone in particular, it is not so,” said Fedor.

      According to the Director, he remained in friendly relations with the former spouse. Fedor believes that they have experienced the gap very adequately. The man admits that for him the whole year was very heavy. “Finish it in the rare condition of absolute happiness and looking to the future,” admitted Bondarchuk in an interview with Hello!.

      Recall that in a short time Theodore and Pauline are planning a wedding. Sweethearts’ve been putting this off for several months, as each of them had a lot of creative projects. But they try not to leave each other even during filming. Bondarchuk and Andreeva involved in the work on the painting “the Myths about Moscow.” Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva has set a wedding date

      “Fedor is a single step does not depart from his beloved, – said the actor Sergey Boytsov, he is also working on a painting. – Always coming to the Paulina breaks, prinimaet, they have talking and laughing. From Andreeva shooting mostly daytime, Bondarchuk – night. But she periodically waits for him in the trailer. To Paulina little time under the cameras and more in the company of a suitor, she hired a stand-in, despite the fact that in the movie, as far as I know, not planned neither traumatic nor sex scenes”.