Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva left Russia

Федор Бондарчук и Паулина Андреева покинули Россию
Became known why the celebrity couple flew to England.

Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva

Photos: 7 Days

UK launched the Russian film Week, which opened the show
film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Attraction”. Along with fiancée Paulina
Andreeva, the Director personally came to introduce the film.

consists of many events they will be held at sixteen venues in
London, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester and Oxford. Will
shown more than 50 Russian films, including the film by Alexei Uchitel
“Matilda” and the best eco-educational films-participants of the contest “Youth in
responsible for the future of the planet.”

According to the organizers of the prestigious
film forum, the main task of the “Week of Russian cinema” — to attract attention
the General public to the Russian cinema and Russian culture in General. General
festival Director Philip Perkon said that this year doubled not
only the number of films participating, but the number of additional activities:
workshops, exhibitions, discussions.

Will the Russian film Week ceremony
awarding the prize “Golden Unicorn”.