Fyodor Bondarchuk about the “special” daughters: “I have a dream to run with it”

Федор Бондарчук об «особенной» дочери: «Я мечтаю побежать вместе с ней» The Director gave an interview to Vladimir Pozner. During the conversation with the journalist Fyodor Bondarchuk openly talked about the father and his relationship with him, and also spoke about the heiress Varvara, which in the past year was 18.
Федор Бондарчук об «особенной» дочери: «Я мечтаю побежать вместе с ней»

Director and producer Fyodor Bondarchuk became the hero of the program “Posner” on channel one. Figure cinema not only remembered the beginning of his career and shared memories of his father, but admitted that his dreams are connected with your loved ones.

At one time it was Sergei Bondarchuk pushed the son, filled the entrance exam to the University, to work in film. The famous Director assisted the heir went on his way and entered the film Institute.

“It was the first men’s conversation in my life. He didn’t push me to it, told without moralizing. He told some episodes where he was preparing at that moment. I was so amazed, I always thought that he had no time for me, and he’s got more important… He always joked that it was black humor… Could say: “You are not interested in me, I’m”. In the family on this fun – said Fedor. But when you realize that there is sincerity, and the look in the eyes, it makes a strong impression.”
Федор Бондарчук об «особенной» дочери: «Я мечтаю побежать вместе с ней»

Talking with Vladimir Putin, the famous Director also talked about his addiction. According to Bondarchuk, he can’t live without a mobile phone. “I do the digital detox periodically, I get it difficult. I feel this relationship physically. After six hours, when I come home, I turn it off. For me it is a feat”, said the man.

Speaking about the work of Andrei Zvyagintsev, Fyodor Bondarchuk noted, what distinguishes the film “Elena”. “In my life, it is a separate work,” said the man. According to the Director, he pays no attention to “mud”, which is often spoken of in the context of contemporary film makers. “Well, because such places exist,” said Fyodor.

Федор Бондарчук об «особенной» дочери: «Я мечтаю побежать вместе с ней»

In the final transfer Posner moved on to the questionnaire of Marcel Proust. “How do you define patriotism?” – asked the journalist to the guest. “These are my children and granddaughters,” said one. On the question of whether a glass half-empty or half-full, the Director chose the second option.

In addition, Mr Putin asked of a novel, what would he say to God if I stood before him. The Director had been preparing for this part of the interview. During the conversation with Vladimir Putin he spoke about his 18-year-old daughter Barbara – she was born prematurely, which caused problems with the development.

“I’ve been thinking, what will I tell him, knowing this question… I want to ask to try to feel the father to talk to, although can not say… Just to experience it, – said Fedor. – And run on the field with the daughter, she has cerebral palsy… We are talking about what you asked, but this is weird. I hate to answer this question. These are fantasies, dreams”.

Barbara Bondarchuk was born on may 4, 1999. She was the second child of the famous Director, which appeared in marriage with Svetlana Bondarchuk. For a long time the couple preferred not to share with the public the diagnosis of her daughter. Only in 2012, Svitlana spoke about his “special” child in the interview with Ksenia Sobchak. Bondarchuk said that they are in the family prefer to refrain from using such words as “disease” and “autism”. According to the woman, her heir is cheerful and beloved. It is known that Barbara spends a lot of time abroad – the parents think that it’s easier to rehab.