Федор Бондарчук о воспитании особенной дочки: «Я её балую!»
The Director spoke about how he helps the barbarian.

Федор Бондарчук о воспитании особенной дочки: «Я её балую!»

Fyodor Bondarchuk


Its 50th anniversary Fyodor Bondarchuk celebrated with the release of a documentary about his life. It is known to the Director frankly told about the work, family and his plans for the near future.

Special attention was paid to the Fedor story about their special daughter Barbara. On may 5 she was already 16 years old. Bondarchuk considers the girl his main pillar of support. It helps him to overcome difficulties in life and find inner vitality.

Barbara Bondarchuk

Photo: @a030aa Instagram Svetlana Bondarchuk

“I spoil her. Yes. I do not deny that I’m very pampered. She loves peonies and gifts. I always bring a lot of gifts. She made a bright man, just Sunny. So when you get tired, lacking vitality, I come to the var — all add up. She has a great memory, I can poems books the whole story.” — told the Director “by Fyodor Bondarchuk. Happy. Here and now”.

With the same warmth of Barbara responds and Olga Slutsker, a close family friend Bondarchuk. “So many operations, suffering endured how much this girl it’s hard to imagine. In the family we call her angel. This is a fantastically interesting girl. Fedor is in this respect able to take a punch. When your house is small wheelchair… child… God forbid, how to live with it!” — said Olga.

Recall that Barbara was born early, therefore she had problems in development. The girl lives abroad, where he received necessary treatment and is being adapted to life in society. Barbara’s parents, Fedor and Svetlana, despite divorce, continues to maintain cordial relations together and continue to care for her daughter.