Fyodor Bondarchuk about Paulina Andreeva: “Well, what if we have a difference in 20 years? I’m happy and that’s all!»

Федор Бондарчук о Паулине Андреевой: «Ну и что, что у нас разница в 20 лет? Я счастлив и все!»
Directed by first time commented on the affair with an actress.

Paulina Andreeva and Fedor Bondarchuk

Photo: Alexander Camber

Fyodor Bondarchuk first told about the relationship with Paulina Andreeva. Despite the fact that the lovers have been together for about two
years, actress and Director, often appearing in public together, prefer not
annotate your novel. For the sake of Men’s Health magazine Fedor made an exception.

The Director admitted that next to the Paulina he feels
happy, and with the advent of the actress in his life was to live for myself. Not to embarrass
the artist and the age difference between him and beloved.

“Well, what if we have a difference of 20 years — says Bondarchuk. —
I’m happy and all, never thought about it. The appearance of Paulina affected in
whole in my life. I first began to live for myself.”

By the way, Andreeva really positive effect on your
beloved, making it more modern. For example, recently it became clear that Bondarchuk made an account on
social network. However, the personal blog of the Director of a secret. “In fact, we
just lead by the nose — admitted Fedor Bondarchuk 7days.ru. — Few
know, but I have my own personal page in the social network. However, my profile is closed,
and only relatives can see our publications”.