Будущая супруга Киану Ривза объяснила почему не красит волосы

Будущая супруга Киану Ривза объяснила почему не красит волосы

After 55-year-old American actor Keanu Reeves admitted that he was going to marry his sweetheart Alexandra Grant began to give interviews and go to communicate with fans on the social network Instagram.

Yesterday, 5 Dec 2019, Alexandra posted on Instagram, in which he told all his followers, why isn’t she dyes her hair. The woman periodically asked about the hair color, because it is completely gray. The artist admitted that her hair turned white a long time ago, she was still young at the time, but resorted to the services of hairdressers and colorists only in the first time. She explained it quite simply — the paint is very harmful for the health of women.

Alexander is not simply based on their assumptions and guesses. She’s in an argument cited a scientific article from the American publisher, which tells about the harmful effects of hair dyes. It turns out that frequent staining can lead to serious problems, even breast cancer.

The artist said that dyed hair only at the first signs of gray hair, then realized that her body can no longer withstand the toxicity of the dye and allowed his hair to be totally gray at 30 years of age. She also put emphasis on the fact that she likes women who don’t pay attention to the public and look as they like. Alexander loves and accepts his appearance for what it is at any age.

It is worth Recalling that less than a month, as Keanu Reeves appeared on the red carpet not one, but hands with a mysterious lady. He later told me that he was going to marry Alexander Grand in the near future. The couple met at a business project, which was prepared by a woman for her lover. Insiders claim that the artist was able to reveal the soul of a mysterious actor in Hollywood.

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