Future fashion: how a dress-Firefly from Zac Posen

Мода будущего: как устроено платье-светлячок от Zac Posen

Grand Met Gala 2016 was not without a fashion sensation. All the public attention was attracted to the unusual along Claire Danes, who glowed in the dark.

The theme of the ball was the idea of combining fashion and technology, but because many celebrities came to the outfits in a futuristic style, metallic shade. However, the designer Zac Posen went much further than the trivial ideas about fashion of the future and created a dress, a hundred percent match the specified concepts. Honor to wear this creations was awarded a star of the TV series “homeland” actress Claire Danes.

It turned out, the Zac Posen dress was made in a single copy: the outfit – one of a kind, unique. Dress in the best traditions of the red carpet was a lush skirt, crinoline and corset. The designer sought to create a toilet that met high technology and fantasy.

The dress is made of organza, looked like, the choice is completely normal and not surprising: most of evening dresses sewn from this material. So why dress glowed in the dark? Posen told reporters that the material was specially made to fit the technological requirements: organza represented by an optical fiber 30 with sewn in fabric mini batteries. In fact, these batteries gave the energy for the stunning glow.

“We specially developed the fabric, because I wanted to create something that would have a transparent texture, and what you would bring to light,” said the designer press. In the result, Posen has achieved the perfect effect of light in the darkness shone even in the smallest details and the edge of the hem. “Our job is to dream and to realize even the wildest imagination to life,” he added.

It is worth noting, Zac Posen and his team have done a Herculean job. The dress took about 600 hours. While we worked on it a total of six people. However, the works of the designer has paid off a hundred times: users of social networks, the press and fashion critics do not get tired to admire the outfit of the future from Zac Posen.

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