Fun weekend: how fun pregnant Sobchak

Веселый уик-энд: как развлекалась беременная Собчак

Sunday stroll with my husband the expectant mother was turned into a photo shoot.

A couple of weeks before the birth of Xenia still had to abandon the usual entertainment. After all, and in Europe in the ninth month on the weekends will not fly, and parties have to go home early.

“We should go to sleep. Otherwise, I’m afraid, can bear directly on the stage,” recently issued Sobchak from the stage at the festival Muz-TV.

Now weekend couple Spa. So last weekend Maxim and Ksyusha spent in a sanatorium in Barvikha… But just a breathe of fresh air it seemed boring. And they decided to have some fun!

While walking around the neighborhood, the pair stumbled upon an old telephone booth. As a real “installer”, She immediately jumped in. A black coat, hood and cap with the inscription could not be better blended into the image, so that Sobchak could even sign the card: “Gopnik”.

But even so picturesque Sobchak pales in comparison to what the subscribers saw in the background… And there’s some Maxim Vitorgan stands against the wall, his back turned to the camera and legs spread. It is easy to guess what an intimate moment captured camera.

But the fantasy teledive not exhausted! And she posted another photo. This time nothing distracted attention from her person. Well, except that is noticeably rounded tummy, which star almost for the first time demonstrated in profile. And in the background was the sign, which depicts a duck with ducklings…

“So on the twins if she suggests?” – immediately asked the subscribers.

Sobchak, however, as before, to comment on the pregnancy is not wished.

We will remind, under forecasts of doctors, the happy event in the family should happen in early November. It is known that the presenter is going to give birth in an elite hospital “Lapino”, the most popular hospital among the stars. Here, for example, were born the children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva.