Понарошку оказалась под наркозом в Северной Корее
The presenter told about the adventures that happened to her during the holidays.

Irena Ponaroshku

Photo: Personal archive

Irena Ponaroshku first visited South Korea, and
left in complete awe of this journey. For a week the media personality managed
to explore Seoul and spend a few days on the unique island of Jeju.

“South Korea — she’s so different… Like Viktor Tsoy Anita Tsoy!” — says TV presenter. Is a Paradise for bloggers and visualize! Want
to photograph every inch!” Taking advantage of the innovations of Korean medicine, TV presenter started a full scan of the body. “In three hours we
educated and probed in all places, blew eyes, rattled the liver About…
half of the devices and research, I had never heard of!” says
star. — All medical operations
carried out very gently and with great care. Before blood I
even to anesthetize the injection site with a special cream!”

Also Fun told about shopping in this country. Irena admitted,
I’ve always been partial to accessories in the form of cute little animals, original
clothes, cosmetics, and bankruptcy was only saved by a miracle. “Here on every
step lurk bears, ducklings and bunnies that shout: buy
me! Cream me! Eat me! I’m a simple man: you know the pincode, can see the point,
go to the cashier!” — smiling blogger.

The second stop in the journey of Irena after Seoul became Jeju
— volcanic island, which is a unique natural reserve
the unusual terrain and rich flora and fauna. “There is everything:
black volcanic beaches, amazing mountains and endless tangerine orchards, —
says Irene. — The impression that the island is concentrated all
the best. For 3 days we spent on the island, everywhere heard about
super-water, which is produced on Jeju, cosmetics, make plant-based
island, organic beets from the island, and much more. Here is a great ecology
and ideal environment for those who care about a clean diet and adheres to
healthy lifestyle! Some Asian Scandinavia, the edge of the known World
island-a dream!”.

Returning from a trip star only regretted that he had bought week
tour. “Do not repeat my mistake, do not try for 5-6 days to watch and Seoul, and
Jeju! — calls on Irena. One only Seoul need at least a week! And so much
also on the island. In Korea I 300% return. To me it was so small”.