From Tyra banks gone boyfriend

От Тайры Бэнкс ушел бойфренд
Becoming a mom, supermodel lost a loved one.

От Тайры Бэнкс ушел бойфренд

Tyra Banks

Photo: Splash News/East news

and TV presenter Tyra banks left her boyfriend, Norwegian photographer Erik Asla,
with whom she lived together for three years. This was announced reporters, the Internet site Pagesix.

It happened just six months after
as banks shared with all good news — she became a mother! However,
gave birth to the model itself, it used the services of a surrogate mother. The
the fact that she will soon appear child, Tyra managed to keep secret — until the day she brought home a son, who was named York. “The most wonderful gift that we prayed so hard finally
we have. His fingers and eyes like mine, and a mouth and chin like his
dad Eric. I am infinitely grateful angel of kindness to the woman who
carried this beautiful boy for us…” — wrote reviews on his page in the social network.

At first everything was fine. But then tyra started to lose my temper: attempts to combine a career with child care often led to stress. And his frustration tore at Eric. As
told girlfriend Tyra, she always differed violent and overbearing
character, but until recently did not allow himself “to recoup” on your favorite. But, apparently,
tiredness played a role…

Some time ago Aslo hinted to friends that is looking for personally
a new housing. And as soon as picked the right option, left the house
Banks. Tyra and Eric, who
met three years ago while filming the Norwegian version of the show Tyra
“Top model”, all this time were not only lovers but business partners.
And business cooperation, unlike the novel, is continuing. In any
case, Eric took part in a commercial shoot for the new line
cosmetic products from Tyra. So they are not really broke contact. And,
who knows, maybe after a rest from each other, they will be reunited again though
for the sake of their child.

Tyra banks and Eric Asla

Photo: Splash News/East news

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