From the star of the Soviet cinema Tamara Chernova turned away relatives

От звезды советского кино Тамары Черновой отвернулись родственники The actress gave to her granddaughter’s apartment, and she lives in inappropriate conditions. Tamara Chernova considers himself a happy man, despite the fact that her daughter doesn’t visit her. The artist needs the attention and the interlocutors, and therefore help her neighbors.
От звезды советского кино Тамары Черновой отвернулись родственники

Actress Tamara Chernova, the star of the film “the noble nest”, now 90 years old. In order to raise the daughter she had left film career, but now relatives of her is rarely remembered. The artist lives alone in a small village near Yaroslavl in a rented apartment. Look out for complete strangers. Tamara let the film crew of the program “Let them talk”, which was shown to the entire country, in one house lives the actress.

As it turned out, the conditions of her rented apartment leave something to be desired – the old repair, peel off from the walls of Wallpaper…

“There was nothing, there was no hot water. Now it’s cold, they turned off the heat. It is necessary to bathe, and I’m afraid I need someone, I’m afraid to get into the bath and fall. Wallpaper on the pins, on pins and needles, falling. At the top of all flies. But what to do. The door is completely empty, cooking smell, the neighbors are running: do not burn anything. I use a hot plate. And in the kitchen do not go there gas, I’m afraid I might forget, and there will be an explosion in the house,” – said the 90-year-old actress.
От звезды советского кино Тамары Черновой отвернулись родственники

As it turned out, the daughter Tamara Aleksandrovny lives very close – literally, five or six kilometers from mom. However, she rarely comes to visit an elderly relative.

Once the Draft had his own apartment in Moscow. However, the woman issued the deed to my granddaughter. The girl now lives with her family in Malta, and the property rents out to strangers. Tamara admitted that she does not get a penny from get granddaughter means. She has to live on a small pension. One of the main items of expenditure – food for cats, which she buys in the store. All of them, the actress eight.

От звезды советского кино Тамары Черновой отвернулись родственники

However, Chernov did not feel abandoned and unhappy. She was glad that her heirs all right in life. The actress has appeared in the Studio program “Let them talk”. Despite the fact that she is 90 years old, she has clear speech, however, she complains of bad hearing and the fact that most of the time she still has to move around in a wheelchair. Dmitry Borisov asked whether she wants to contact her daughter and granddaughter, who seldom remember her. She refused, as he considers himself a happy man.

“Yes, I well, I don’t need help, I don’t need anything,” said Chernova.
От звезды советского кино Тамары Черновой отвернулись родственники

Experts in the Studio decided to help an elderly actress. Igor Sandler promised to buy her a hearing aid. Anna Kalashnikov admitted that some time ago has died of her grandmother and she would give anything to be alive. It is not indifferent to the history of the artist, so he offered to buy food for cats, which Tamara loves to not spend their own retirement, and Andrey Kovalev has promised to buy a new stroller.