From the last interview with Alexei Batalov: “Daughter it’s a pity that her without me?”

Из последнего интервью Алексея Баталова: «Дочку жалко, что с ней без меня будет?»
The actor was very worried for their loved ones.

Alexei Batalov c daughter Maria

Photo: from the personal archives of Alexei Batalov

The last interview with Alexey Batalov, was released in magazine “7
Days” just a few days before the departure of the legendary artist of life. We
talked Alexey Vladimirovich in the hospital, where he was not the first
a month. After surgery it was hard for him to stand up and walk in the hospital Park artist
I took out the stroller. Alexey was a cool attitude to your
the state did not complain and did not like when he spared. Recent
on television programs about the scandal with the country, where he tried to stand up, “push
pity” – were forced Batalov physically suffer. He was ashamed of. And
same time, unsophisticated, sometimes naive admiration of the common people, he took…

We walk in a private Park and country hospital, 88-year-old
the actor sits in a wheelchair and probably less of all I would like to
someone saw him in this state. But we noticed a nurse from
neighboring buildings, suited, smiling: “o my Lord! Batalov… don’t believe it! Alex
Vladimirovich, dear, dear… Let you touch us!” Batalov is not
can’t stop smiling. He was honoured. Remember. Love it. Even here. Even in
like that… did he Think about death? Of course. Talked about his retirement without
sentimentality, without poses, everyday voice, “I slowly have to go now…”
Of course, on my part, it caused the usual in such cases of objection: “Not
say so! Don’t…” – “I dryly replied Batalov. – You need time
to leave. And I’m not afraid of it.” He paused and added: “I just Masha
sorry… What is it without me?”

Parting with Alexei Batalov will be held in the Great hall of the Central house of cinematographers on Monday, June 19.