From the infamous actor Charlie sheen has a new girlfriend

У скандально известного актера Чарли Шина появилась новая девушка
Found a beauty, which did not hesitate to contact us.

У скандально известного актера Чарли Шина появилась новая девушка

Charlie sheen and jewel


Charlie sheen and Denise Richards in 2003


Charlie sheen again
surprised fans. In celebration of the birthday of his daughter Lola, held in the restaurant Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, Shin appeared with a new “passion” — beauty, which, as you heard the visitors, he called Jules.

In fact,
wishing to meet with the 51-year-old actor in recent years was much more
than one would assume. And Charlie, moreover, that, according to his
own statement, is infected with
with the HIV virus, it still many times behaved so wildly that he was suspected of being mentally unbalanced. Nevertheless, Jules
was the third girlfriend of the actor
only in the last three years. In 2015 he broke off the engagement with Brett Rossi with
which met a couple of years. And last year he had an affair with Jess, Impianti model and star of the British reality show.

As for the antics of the Bus, most of them are known
his quarrel with the producer of the series “Two and a half men” where he
lost his job. And an endless series of scandals involving his former
wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller.
Denise he repeatedly sent messages threatening. “I’ll be glad if you die!” — wrote
Charlie in one of his text K. “all three of You (he meant Richards and their total
daughters — Sam and Lola) — dirty pigs. I’ll kill you all!” he warned the following
the message… as for Brooke Mueller,
she sued him at the time the statement
the police, which claimed that he threatened her with a knife. And later girlfriend of actor Capri Anderson officially accused him of beating…
And although all these stories are widely known, a new friend, Charlie, they, apparently,
do not confuse.