Из первых уст: Ирина Цывина рассказала о подноготной шоу Малахова
The actress explained how he was going to “compromising” on stars.

Irina Zybina

Photo: Social networks

Recently in the program “live” was shown sad and frightening footage from “drunken” Irina Zybina. The issue of the program was dedicated to the fact that the actress allegedly after breaking up with her lover Denis Serdyukov left in the bout. Andrei Malakhov showed viewers a video with proof of this version: it Zybina appeared in an unfavorable light. Fans wrote to Irina hundreds of comments with tips on how to overcome alcoholism. Tired of unsolicited advice, Zybina asked his friends not to worry, as it does not suffer from addiction. With her words, the transfer Malakhov contain staged footage.

“My dear friends, yesterday, after the transfer of Andrei Malakhov I started receiving calls from all over the world with concern about my health. Thank you all for your participation and willingness to help me! I’m fine, but don’t forget that I’m an actress and sometimes you have to play such a role. It is not necessary to treat staging personnel seriously. I love you all and I’m sure I’m not alone. Be happy and safe and loved. Soon I will make You happy for its new success,” he said Zybina.

Fans of the TV show suffered a lot of disappointment. “If the shots with the drunken Zybina staging, and other stories of the program too?” — surprised in the Network. Viewers waiting for an explanation from Malakhov, but one yet remains silent. By the way, and other television shows often call staging: for example, the program Dmitry Shepelev — “In fact” or show “let’s get married”. However, transmission still remains high rankings even after these scandals.