From the actor “Junior” Alexander Sokolovsky gone girl

От актера «Молодежки» Александра Соколовского ушла девушка Charming brunette actor was in a relationship for over a year. According to friends of the couple, beloved of Alexander Sokolovsky has ceased to hold his behavior.

      От актера «Молодежки» Александра Соколовского ушла девушка

      Last summer, the star of TV series “Molodezhka” on STS Alexander Sokolovsky began increasingly to share with fans snapshots in which he appeared in society charming brunette. The beloved artist was Juliana Muscovite Grosheva. The girl grew up in a wealthy family – the parents have purchased for her posh accommodations in the LCD “Sparrow hills” and gave a brand new Mercedes. Uliana surprise gifts sought and Sokolowski himself. However, at some point this relationship came to an end.

      Fans of the artist can catch a break – his heart freely again. He recently broke up with a sweetheart. With the beautiful brunette Sasha had been together for over a year.

      “Ula is very beautiful girl from a good family, sport, clockwork – all you need Sasha − says the “Starite” fellow actor Anastasia. – Well and Sokolowski himself, of course, a catch. They are constantly arranged to each other surprises, we went for a vacation together. In January we flew to honeymoon in Bali – I came back happy, tanned. However, after that they begin to have any misunderstanding, disagreements. Ulyana didn’t like his behavior, like he was conceited, was acting strange… In the end they decided to stay friends.”

      Many remember how during the period when the relationship of Alexander and Uliana were in progress, he literally beamed with happiness. A young man shared with friends and fans of joy – regularly placed in his microblog pictures with his beloved and gave to understand that the weight between them really seriously. Colleagues of the actor also said that being in love had changed him considerably.

      “He is literally flying! said “StarHit” the illuminator of the Moscow Provincial theater Dmitry Yarov. – Recently brought to the theatre a huge bouquet of roses to after rehearsal to present beloved. This year ula has filed for a second degree in Moscow state University of design and technology. She is fond of fashion, and even paints a very cool picture-airbrushing”.

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