У Тейлор Свифт и Тома Хиддлстона проблемы в отношениях

According to insiders, Taylor swift and Tom Hiddleston are experiencing hard times due to difficult work schedules, and the rapidity of their romance.

From the very beginning of the relationship Taylor swift (Taylor Swift) and Tom Hiddleston (Tom Hiddleston) did not leave almost for a minute. Now the actor is in Australia filming “Thor: Ragnarok” Thor: Ragnarök). The sources of the magazine US Weekly claim that the heavy work schedule of Hiddleston caused a minor spat between him and swift.

У Тейлор Свифт и Тома Хиддлстона проблемы в отношениях

“They did not spend so much time together,” explained the insider. — Too much going on, it’s very difficult to adjust work schedules to each other. They are very upset that can’t see each other a lot”.

Star tabloid also said the cooling of the feelings of the singer and the actor, but the reason for this edition sees the transience of the novel. According to friends of Tom Hiddleston, he believes that the rapid development of the relationship with Taylor swift may have a negative impact on his career. “She insisted on the active scenario and turned it into a show,” says the source.

The first time of Tom Hiddleston and Taylor swift were spotted together in mid-June 2016 in a couple of weeks after breaking up with the singer DJ Calvin Harris (Calvin Harris). Soon the couple introduced each other’s parents, and then went to a romantic trip to Italy. The seriousness of his feelings towards swift, the actor said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter: “This is not a game. We are very happy.”

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