From Philip Kirkorov in Canada, was the son of

У Филипп Киркорова в Канаде нашелся сын
Philip Kirkorov there are two children from two unknown women, but also “king” of the suspect and in the presence of other children born out of wedlock.

У Филипп Киркорова в Канаде нашелся сын

First, is the son of Anastasia Stotskaya. Given that Stotsky has long worked with Kirkorov, and her son is strikingly similar to Philip, and his son Martin, the rumors were quite justified.

У Филипп Киркорова в Канаде нашелся сын

And now, “the young man” showed up in Toronto, Canada, and the mother is a former dancer Philip black Helen Anor aja.
How to write the paparazzi, in this case, Philip immediately decided to dismiss all suspicion and he shared the story of a relationship with this woman after he met her at his concert in Toronto.
– Remember this black beauty, which is the first time I was shooting “SONG of the YEAR 89” I lost a Shoe like Cinderella?, we did the first my numbers (“CARMEN”, “don’t look at the Clock”), my first show 1990-93 years-“Heaven and Earth”, “Atlantis”….She has many years living in Canada, happy , married, raised two adult children, a girl and a boy , who somehow mysteriously also like me, and it’s not funny))). What is the “Holy spirit” wielded at that time and intervened without me in the genetics of my friends! The mystic! A MIRACLE, the Phantom , and maybe the Magic( hopefully not black) – I wrote the book in the comments to the photo.

Really magic, considering that Phillip really is the father of these children.