From Olga Buzova turned away close

От Ольги Бузовой отвернулись близкие The star told how the separation from her husband has affected her relationships with friends. According to Olga, she had to carry out serious work on yourself and make a revaluation of values. However, the leading “House-2” sure I gained much more than lost.

      The last few weeks have been for Olga Buzova is very difficult. After parting with her husband Dmitry Tarasov for a fraction of star took many tests. Olga was fought off the attacks of enemies, trying to cope with the pain she has caused loved people and did everything possible not to fall into depression.

      Olga Buzova became the object of harassment by colleagues

      About their feelings Buzova did not. Fans of the leading “House-2” one could only assume that in her mind. However, after some time, when the passions subsided a bit, the star still broke the silence and openly spoke about how her life was affected by the break-up with footballer. It turned out that Olga survived a betrayal not only of her husband. “It was a great revaluation of values”, – explained the incident itself Buzova.

      “Thank you for the honesty, for not “getting under the skin”, for your kind words, for your support and love that gives me strength to go on, ‘ said the star of “House-2″ to his audience of seven million on Instagram. – Many of you strangers to me subscribers, has treated me with more kindness than some of my surroundings…so many people have turned away from me, but at the same time, I found those, which have to date failed. Life will put everything in its place”.

      For many, the message of Olga was a real revelation. Before a celebrity at every opportunity emphasized how warm and strong relationship it is associated almost with every person from its environment. As it turned out, a few of them in the difficult period sided with Buzova. Fans were quick to console the favorite of millions and Express my sympathy. Olga Buzova tries to reconcile with her husband through the mother-in-law

      It is noteworthy that after the break with Dmitry Tarasov Olga Buzova had to say goodbye not only with old friends but also some valuable things. For example, recently it became known that TV presenter was left without a vehicle. Previously the husband of the star gave her a luxury car, which is now, apparently, took. Now she has to start life with a clean slate, and her fans believe she can handle it.