From Oleg Yakovlev found another apartment

У Олега Яковлева нашли еще одну квартиру Friends of the singer continue to fight for the inheritance. Property of Oleg Yakovlev is estimated at several dozen million rubles, and according to the will, it passed to a niece and best friend. However, beloved musician Alexander Kutsevol don’t agree with that.
У Олега Яковлева нашли еще одну квартиру

29 June 2017 died, the former participant of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev. The sad news was a great shock to the relatives of the musician and his fans. Later it turned out that almost his entire estate and cash, the artist bequeathed to the niece of Tatiana. Best friend of star actor Roman Radova got the apartment that they once bought together.

The will was not specified beloved Oleg Alexander Kutsevol that was next to him until the last minute. It surprised many fans Yakovlev, and she a young woman clearly did not agree with such a scenario. She has provided a certificate of marriage. The official ceremony of registration of its relations with the singer allegedly was in Serbia shortly before the death of men. Here are the documents raised doubts Tatiana.

As a result, the fight for succession Yakovlev has been ongoing for several months.

Long controversy concerning the three Metropolitan apartments artist worth about 50 million rubles, as well as his estate in Montenegro.

Now, however, it became clear that “Ivan” was a secret apartment in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. We are talking about a spacious apartment that cost seven million rubles. This was announced by the lawyers involved in the issue of division of inheritance. While none of the parties has not confirmed this information.

Earlier, Yakovlev and niece, and his friend Roman doubted that the allegations Alexandra Kutsevol about marriage are true.

“We know each other from student days. Then we purchased two shares in a communal apartment, alterations. In the end, the property to go to me. There are lawyers, attorneys, even if they understand all the nuances… by the Way, in the summer when they allegedly were married, together we had a rest in Montenegro. Honestly, I don’t remember that they went to Serbia, and there is something recorded. Such an important event, and Oleg would tell me,” said street in an interview for the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.

The niece of “Ivanushki” also claims that her famous uncle had no intention to marry longtime sweetheart. According to Tatyana, even if the marriage was contracted, Yakovlev would not have to hide it from relatives. Jurists, the testimony was sent to Serbia, but the response from the state authorities of the country have not yet been reported.

If the document on marriage is acknowledged as valid, Alexander can claim the status of Oleg, as the first heir. The very same young woman is not tired to tell to fans on Instagram about how he misses Yakovlev.

“All the emotions I have passed through: excitement, joy, responsibility. Sometimes even tired, as if I was playing a gig, surprisingly. And, of course, I haven’t missed one of his performances. Then it seemed that it would last forever, everything is just beginning,” wrote a young woman under one of the joint photographs.

According to “KP”, friends of Oleg Yakovlev is now preparing for the final court hearing. After it becomes clear who will inherit the vast fortune of the artist.