From Melania trump will own dressing room in the White house

У Мелании Трамп будет собственная гримерная в Белом доме

The inauguration of Donald trump will be held next week. After this ceremony the newly minted politician will move into the White house as the new President of the United States. Here only together with Donald in Washington is not going his lovely wife Melania. According to future first lady to take such a step it cannot be resolved because of my son, who is now studying in new York. Melania sure that it is not necessary to deprive a child of their familiar environment, and therefore as long as the son is studying, she will continue to live in new York.

Despite the fact that Mrs. trump will not be a full-fledged mistress of the White house, it will be created special conditions.

For 46-year-old ex-model preparing a separate special room, where she can primp: to do makeup and hair, store designer clothes and shoes.

According to makeup artist Melania Nicole Shaved, “special attention will be given in the dressing room lighting, which is designed to help stylists Mrs. trump to create the perfect images for his famous client.“

Although Melania and refused to move to Washington, support of family members, Donald still would not be denied. Actively help the father will be Ivanka trump and her husband. She announced this on his page in Facebook: “When my father will come into the office of President, I will officially retire The Trump Organization and will cease to do its own brand of clothing and accessories. My husband Jared and children will move to Washington, where Jared will be the first Advisor to the President. First I have to arrange the lives of our three children on a new place“.

Ivanka also spoke about what she will do in Washington. Most likely on the shoulders of 35-year-old blonde will be the education and empowerment of women: “I’m passionate about education, empowerment of women and girls, women entrepreneurs and unlocking their potential in the workplace. I want to hear their opinions and listen to them to find the most efficient path of development. Thank you to everyone who openly expressed. Look forward to working with you and for you.“