From love to hate: what obsessed fans are taking revenge on their idols

От любви до ненависти: за что одержимые фанаты мстят своим кумирам Fans, not achieved response to feelings, often become a threat to celebrities. Some disturb the peace of the beloved artists phone calls, others waiting in public places, and others, and does try to hurt.

      От любви до ненависти: за что одержимые фанаты мстят своим кумирам

      About love, hate, as you know, one step. You think famous people that one day, not answering the message another admirer in the social network, denying an autograph or a joint photo for memory, subjected to risk his life? One of the most famous murder in history – the shooting of the participant of group The Beatles John Lennon were committed by a mentally ill fan of his work. “StarHit” has collected the cases with the Russian stars, when loyal fans, and became their bitterest enemies and tried to figure out the nature of this phenomenon.

      Tatiana Bulanova

      About the misadventures with persistent fans of the singer told in the pages of the book-autobiography “Territory of women”, published in 2007. Obsessed with actress men not once dreamed to be in the clear rays of its light.

      От любви до ненависти: за что одержимые фанаты мстят своим кумирам

      In the late 90’s, after learning home phone idol, fan Bulanova began to leave on the answering machine threats, and not waiting for an answer, and found the address…

      “We with Kolya (the first husband of Tatiana Nicholas Talinum. – Approx. “StarHit”) had to go somewhere on business – case describes a terrible singer. First the apartment went out… and I almost lost consciousness: he stood on the landing. I was not wearing makeup, in a jacket with a hood, and he didn’t recognize me. Looked and turned away. Slipped past and ran down the stairs. The man rushed after him.

      Maniac demanded Bulanova letters, showing up at concerts for autographs, watched at the service entrance, and once even sent the package.

      “It is a notebook, a diary-confession of this man, – says the artist. – First normal handwriting scribbled several pages: “Dear Tanya, I understand. Time you can’t write, I’ll forget you and never will bother”. But then the handwriting changed dramatically, was sweeping: “I’m gonna kill you! I’ll kill you! I will not leave you our daughter!” In General, nonsense. Fortunately, I have nothing more about this man not heard and I hope that I never see.”

      But the meeting with unbalanced admirers of the creativity and beauty of the singer is not over. Her wedding in 2007, with the second husband – the star of St. Petersburg “Zenith” Vladislav Ragimovym could not take place. On the eve of the celebration the artist began to pursue the unknown, who promised to kill her if she would marry a football player. To subdue the man could only law enforcement after examination he was sent for treatment in a psychiatric clinic.

      Dana Borisova

      От любви до ненависти: за что одержимые фанаты мстят своим кумирам

      Dana Borisova on the way “lucky” to honest men. The hero of her latest novel, a businessman Andrey Troshchenko allegedly left her after stealing the car. Passport stamps lovers put 22 June 2015, and in early March, details a showdown newfound family become public.

      An affair with a businessman from Germany, too, began rosy – in the spring of 2014 Dana met up with Alex Pankov on the set of “let’s get married” and the first two months of the relationship were happy. However, in the future, fans of the presenter was waiting for this Brazilian series. Ex-lovers accuse each other, giving interviews right and left. Man accusing ex-girlfriend of commercialism, and she talked about his stinginess. On mutual insults Alex and Dana didn’t stop.

      “Today he sent me a terrible SMS message, and then called from an unknown number and said, “I will not stop before anything, figure out anything to destroy you. But if will hinder, will be poured sulfuric acid!”

      In these promises do not believe it was difficult. In the past a businessman was threatened with a gun to one of his employees because he decided to quit. “Punks got out of their jeep, the gun and pointed at the speaker (a former employee of his company). He locked himself in the car, and then Alex handle broke driver’s-side window”, – told the witnesses to the incident. According to the victim, in the presence of police, his ex-boss was really quiet and denied everything. The weapons we found, but it was later found in the snow in the yard.

      Dana, fearing for his safety, wrote a letter to law enforcement agencies, and a failed suitor disappeared from radar. However, according to the presenter, picked up a $300 thousand, the proceeds from the sale of her home country.

      Ksenia Borodina

      От любви до ненависти: за что одержимые фанаты мстят своим кумирам

      To negative reviews in social networks for leading project “Dom-2” has long been immune to it, but in real life she had to deal with inappropriate fans. Her and many households struggled with an obsessed fan. His dream was to get on a TV show.

      To somehow protect themselves and their wards at the show, Ksenia was placed in the microblog photo of man and wrote: “Meet is Sergey Lyapin, maniac! This man terrorized me and all the employees and participants of “House-2” for the past two years! It scratches my car, spits on it, does not give me quietly to get to work, gets me in the video standing guard at the entrance, and the gentle word which I heard from him, “a whore”! It’s not just me, he stalks girls from the auditions, going with them to the subway and threatened to rape! All this is what I? Our police do nothing, they come to the holding, picking him up and released on a nearby street! Is this normal?! Our police will be a long time to be idle?! Written already a million applications, and they do not care! What is necessary in the forest to take?! We have 90?! Or we wait until it will manifest itself in all its glory?! Yesterday I broke down, snatched the phone from him and smashed. The police need to detain him, and they, as always, all waiting for something…”

      Unlike Russia, the West in this regard are quite different measures. During the trial, determines what is the distance to the object of his adoration may be close the fan, if it is a danger. In the same America Sergey Lyapin could watch the Xenia only in binoculars.

      Larissa Kopenkina

      От любви до ненависти: за что одержимые фанаты мстят своим кумирам

      The ex-wife of singer Prokhor Chaliapin paid because of his frivolous attitude to the passionate fan. With 25 years of Yuri Sharapov 60-year-old businesswoman even reached Kutuzovsky registry office to apply, however, the marriage did not take place. Young Swain demanded to have the wedding, the bride excuses his only start, and give up the man was not going.

      The phenomenon of Larissa Kopenkina: how to become a star, not applying to this effort

      “He threatened me! Wrote that he would kill, marry at any cost, have been sending thirty SMS per hour, was waiting at the office, tried to persuade him to come to the Caucasus and even called my son to find me, ” cried Larissa. Is not quite adequate behavior. Of course, I ignored him and communication stopped! I liked the ease and naturalness which was in our relationship. Initially, it didn’t blew my mind, as some of you know about personality, but beautifully looked after and compliments. But at some point Yuri got confused. We were good friends, not more, but he decided otherwise”.

      Larissa has placed all points over i, having promised the obsessive boyfriend that for his next message will follow her call to the police.

      Eugene Feofilaktova-Guseva

      От любви до ненависти: за что одержимые фанаты мстят своим кумирам

      Like many girls who visited the main telestroke country, Eugene while the project has brought your beauty to perfection. Trips to expensive cosmetologists and famous hairdressers, massages, plastic surgery made from a provincial simpleton chic Metropolitan thing. As you know, for the beauty you have to pay.

      In the numerous angry comments in social media Eugene chose not to respond. After all, it is not surprising that the star of the popular reality show there is a lot of envy. However, one incident really alarmed the girl. “I was often sent threats one and the same person, – has told eks-the participant “Houses-2″, – at First I didn’t pay attention to it, but after the next message was very scared. He wrote that to enjoy its beauty I remained for several days”.

      Evgenia Feofilaktova threatened with a crackdown

      Eugene blocked the attacker, not to see his message. “For such a notorious hiding negative, insecure, simply unhappy people – sure Feofilaktova-Guseva. – They can’t remain indifferent to those whom you see on the screen, and pour out their negative emotions. They don’t get joy in real life and therefore creates a virtual world”.


      От любви до ненависти: за что одержимые фанаты мстят своим кумирам

      From-for threats of a maniac spouse Alexander Chistyakov singer even had to hire bodyguards because he feared for the life of his beloved. Mentally unstable man bombarded actress with phone calls, letters, messages in social networks. In his Epistles, an obsessed fan tried to convince Glyuk оZу that she isn’t cut out for family life. Like, husband and children interfere with her career on the stage, and in addition, happy Natalia (the singer’s real name. – Approx. “StarHit”) is only linked their fate with him. “Why do you keep Natasha home? She was not born in order to stand at the stove and sit within four walls,” wrote a fan.

      “We try not to react to his attacks, but the nerves do not iron – sometimes the answer. Then this abnormal literally blow your socks off – he’s stronger attacks our family, threatened with punishment”, – shared her emotions Glyuk’oza.

      When the man promised to kill the wife of the singer and steal her daughter, she appealed for help to the police, but the situation has not changed. “Our security team has calculated that person, all of the data we gave to law enforcement agencies, and there is no sense, – told the artist. – Deal with the case the police will be able only if a maniac kills someone, and there will be evidence of his involvement. And yet this inadequacy does not allow us to live in peace”.

      Ksenia Sobchak

      От любви до ненависти: за что одержимые фанаты мстят своим кумирам

      To address the controversial TV presenter is not just rained curses – everyone knows about the absurd nature of the successor of the well-known names. It is one thing, hurtful words, thrown in the back of the star friends at the next secular parties, and quite another – the real threat of imminent violence.

      3 March last year at the funeral of politician Boris Nemtsov, Ksenia was friends with him and was the companion of Russian opposition movement, she has received threats from the unknown. About this Sobchak revealed on Twitter.

      “At the exit of the Sakharov center stood with Alexei Venediktov, said on Bor. Ideal man: “Keep in mind that you are following, and Xenia.

      After the incident, the journalist even had to hire security guards and for some time to leave Russia. It was rumored that her name appears in some hit list. Later, however, their existence was refuted by law enforcement. So to know if the presenter had to worry for your life – impossible.

      Tina Kandelaki

      От любви до ненависти: за что одержимые фанаты мстят своим кумирам

      In August of last year, Tina Kandelaki has shared with his followers in Instagram a photograph. It wasn’t so beloved by the General producer of “Match TV” lifeloc, and the unknown man. He looks to be early 40s, average height and build, hair slicked back and a short beard discernible grey hair. He is quite intelligent, but appearances are deceiving.

      The portrait was accompanied by the explanation: “Admire. Man haunts me months later. Believes that we have an astral connection, and I know him. Is terrible stuff and is trying to throw at me at the gym. It is impossible to defend himself until the moment of attack! It is useless to call somewhere and write statements. It is impossible to present! So, dear family, take away Your sick person and get him help. He clearly needs it”.

      The reaction of fans Kandelaki has not kept itself waiting. Many representatives of the stronger sex has offered direct assistance in resolving the issue of the security of the presenter. There were aggressive-minded actors, who had threatened to beat the offender stars.

      Anfisa Chekhova

      От любви до ненависти: за что одержимые фанаты мстят своим кумирам

      The star became a victim of telephone scams – cyber criminals hacked into her cell phone, promising to publish the personal correspondence of the presenter, as well as photographs, stored in the memory cell. “After 6 hours we will publish here everything. I’ll let you decide. The countdown is on. The details you got in the mail” – wrote in instagram Chekhova.

      “My husband and I went to the cafe, where wi-fi was without a password,” said Anfisa. – Phone asked enter the password from “Instagram”. For a couple of days before I updated the program and not sensed a trick. Quietly entered the password, after a few minutes started getting messages demanding money. Blackmailers threatened to publish the contents of my phone. But the fact that I was already twenty years not doing any compromising pictures, even in companies where all drink, try not to take pictures. So afraid I had nothing!”

      The hackers also boasted that they have data from a cell of Boris Moiseev and other celebrities. Investigators of capital management of Investigatory Committee of Russia opened a criminal case under two articles – “violation of the secrecy of correspondence and telephone negotiations” and “Illegal access to computer information.” However, Chekhov did not want a harsh judgment for cybercriminals.

      “I am the mother of a son, and I feel sorry for the parents of these guys. I want them punished, which wouldn’t have broken their fate,” admitted the TV presenter.

      A day later, “Histogram” Anfisa was restored. “Friends, thank you to everyone who worried for me — access to the account was returned to me, and the Lord burglars left with nothing!” – said the star.

      Egor Holyavin

      От любви до ненависти: за что одержимые фанаты мстят своим кумирам

      Eks-the participant “Houses-2” were attacked fan-Stalker after he left the show. First, the young man began to send curses in social networks. They Egor simply did not pay attention, and the accounts from which rained down the messages added to the blacklist. Soon, however, attackers have moved from words to deeds.

      “The beauty of Kalaus (Natalia Kalaus – lover Yegor. – Approx. “StarHit”) planted a box that looked like a bomb, ” said Halavin. – The sounds coming from her, it resembled an explosive device. There was a lot of noise and panic, came the engineers, MES. After the autopsy it became clear that there is an alarm clock, and also poisonous snakes”.

      Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Egor Holyavin explained how he lost 40 pounds

      A criminal case was opened, but even after planted gift with reptiles began to look for the police, the threats have not stopped. The next box Yegor found already about his car. This time there were cockroaches.

      “And I, and Klaus were in a panic, because this lunatic knew where we live, where you work, what are our machines”, – shared their experiences of the former household.

      For a long time Egor and Natalia could not understand – who, what and why they are pursued. Thought it was just haters of the TV show. Everything became clear in one of the messages of the unknown. It turned out, he simply in love with the Kalaus and wants to embroil guys.


      – There is a certain group of people, which there is a need to follow a leader, to make someone an idol. But one of the commandments of the Bible reads: “do Not make yourself an idol”. A fan can idealize the elect, ascribes to him the best quality. It all starts with the desire to get closer to the stars – send a message on the social network, to give flowers at a concert, to catch a glance of a celebrity. In fits of incredible adoration of this man can send to objects of sense expensive gifts, create fan clubs.

      Someone this dependence does not go beyond, but people with mental disabilities design in my head a story and if it becomes a reality, the change of one day in love can come hate. Oh, I think they become part of the life of an idol is good I can’t, then try using the bad. They make the life of a star in hell chasing him around everywhere, threatening. Of course, such people can be dangerous, you can not treat lightly their promises.


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