У Джамалы нет времени на свадьбу

Who married unbearable – that is not Jamal. Crimean Tatar singer laments that her work schedule is so dense that she doesn’t have anywhere to insert your wedding. About it the actress said in an interview to the program “social life” on the Ukrainian TV channel 1+1.

Jamal said that she and her fiance Bakir Suleimanov hardly have picked a day for celebration, moreover, they had to adapt already planned tour.
“It is very difficult, but I beg God to all we’ve got to do everything, because then there will be no time at all, because I will go to American tour. I wasn’t even where to insert the wedding. No time to marry” — said Jamal.
The singer, who last year won the international Eurovision song contest, now helps the Ukrainian participants of the group O. Torvald to prepare for the competition. Jamal admitted that he wanted her country in this year was represented by a man.
“I’m happy because I wanted this year was presented to the men’s team. It somehow shows that we have the power. I them really sick. I really wish they sang the song adequately, therefore, I give some advice” said Jamal told reporters.