У Бритни Спирс не хватает денег на кофе
The singer tired to endure the humiliation.

Britney Spears father

Although Britney Spears earns more than $ 10 million per year, it is not
can afford to spend a penny without getting prior approval
of her guardian. And, as it became known, Britney is going to file a petition in the court
intended to revise the terms of custody over her.

Since then, as in 2008, Britney Spears experienced
serious nervous breakdown, she, according to the court, is under the total control of the father.
The fact that after the singer shaved her head, escolastica umbrella
someone else’s car in the Parking lot, and then locked herself in the bathroom and refused from there
out, there are serious doubts about the sanity of Britney. Fortunately, she
then quickly recovered mental health. However, the court found
necessary to charge the singer with the worries of his father. And Jamie got the full
control over daughter and her Finance.

Guardianship Jamie does not
free: his salary for the performance of these duties is 130
thousand dollars a year. Basically, Spears has nothing against that
she believes that her father is very bad controls its finances. However her to death
bothered to ask his permission not only for lunch in the restaurant, but even for buying coffee.

This situation looks absurd, because
every show in Las Vegas 34-year-old Britney
earns no less than 250 thousand dollars. A total contract in it
get for three years as much as 35 million dollars! And here, tired to be so dependent, Spears decided to require changes in the terms of the guardianship to get at least some freedom and spend
the earned money at discretion.

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