From Britney Spears broke her bra during a performance

У Бритни Спирс порвался лифчик во время выступления

The singer was embarrassing during a concert in Las Vegas. Bra star jumped from his rightful place, when the singer performed her latest hit on stage.

Britney Spears made a splash on show in Las Vegas. She appeared on stage in another revealing costume in the best traditions of the style of BDSM. The bra that covered the bust of the stars, suddenly broke, and Brittany had to hold his hand.

Britney is known for her love of provocative outfits. After the star has regained a slim figure came in perfect shape, she increasingly began to show their charms to the public. Concert in Las Vegas was no exception. Sconces Spears ripped on stage. However, it immediately came to the aid of her dancers, who tried to fix the zipper right during a song. It never came out and Britney had to throw over the top showy underwear unsightly plaid sleeveless shirt.