From an unknown interview Gurchenko: “I was saved parents”

Из неизвестного интервью Гурченко: «Меня спасли родители»
In this legendary actress was a very difficult episode…


Director and presenter of the program “Born in USSR” on the channel “Nostalgia” Vladimir Glazunov gave the editors an unpublished interview with Lyudmila Gurchenko. At the time they are with the legendary actress was close and she confided in Vladimir many intimate. For example, spoke about a very difficult period of his life that began after Grand success “Carnival night” Eldar Ryazanov.

“Why this film would be a success — nobody understood just at the right time he came, — says Lyudmila Markovna in this interview. And I had a vertical takeoff Vertical… immediately! Yesterday, a College girl, today actress known all over the country. And then from there, from the top, Bang, crash! Now imagine shooting was over, I in my coat I go on the bus to the Institute. Live like a normal person. And receive packs of letters, bags! And every day I have three or four performances anywhere, and all for free. And money’s hard, because I like tearaway student, deprived of a scholarship, these were the rules. On the set, I received a salary. Of course, salary is 200 rubles against scholarships 26 rubles — great! I made the money transfer to Kharkov, bought Peter girandole in an antique shop. Even then I was drawn to beautiful old things. Moved from the dormitory into a rented room. The money ran out, not even a taxi to go late in the evening with these endless speeches. Trouble-free girl, I ran everywhere I call. About money wasn’t even asked. But one day I was approached by an administrator and handed her the envelope. I thought there is another letter. But when printed, it turned out the money. And the landlady says, “Finally realized! You also need something to live…” And such envelopes were then, maybe two dozen. The money helped to survive. But in the end, I called the editor of a newspaper and explained that it was some left-wing concerts and incorrect administrators who operate illegally. And I’m the artist-bestlock because still learning, on the law generally are not entitled to payment. I said, “Well! Understood. Never again.” But the next day this newspaper published the article “Tap left”, artischocke that takes the blue envelopes, cuts, so the loot right and left. And that’s all! After vertical take-off began a steep dive down. Once I went on stage (because of inertia I was still invited, although less and less), performed a song from the movie. In the hall of deathly silence. Then someone whistled… I said, “Excuse me!” and went under knock of own heels. All my life I’m going to remember! Supported, of course, parents. Saved. Nursed out. Although it is not so easy for me to explain what happened. That life in Moscow is quite different. That this is not Kharkov, Klochkovskaya not our street. And here at the father’s decrees and orders will not live. That time is constantly changing, constantly…”

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