Фриске возвращается на сцену Sisters Jeanne and Natalia – similar not only in appearance but also information on both the unique soft tone. Younger again try yourself in the singing and take part in a charitable concert “Zhanna Friske – I am near!” which will be held on 1 October in Moscow at the teatrium na serpukhovke.
Фриске возвращается на сцену

“We with Natasha are planning to sing a duet, – has shared with “StarHit” the ex-soloist of group “Turbomoda” Alexander Popov. – Long friends, live in the neighborhood and go to visit each other. At the end of last year proposed to do something together. Thus was born the song “Two planets”, recorded it right at home. When laid out the composition in the Network, did not expect such a success. People wrote that it’s a hit and Natasha have to go back in show business.”

Younger Friske has not performed on stage for more than ten years. The actress was in “Brilliant” in 2007. Then, in place of Ksenia Novikova came Natalia Asmolova, which due to disagreements with the producers lasted only three months. Need a person urgently. Jeanne suggested to my sister that pass the audition. Their mother, Olga, was against it.

“Mammy, let them try,’ urged the eldest Friske. – If you do not like, she will run away”.

Natalia had nearly a year. But the performances are so exhausted newfound singer that she voluntarily left.

“To wander the cities and villages – not mine, confessed Natalia “StarHit”. I love to stay at home and lead a quiet life. Glory I don’t need. Now I work as a stylist and I feel great.”

It has been invited to perform at concerts, but the singer refused. Younger Friske has not found the strength to go on stage at the first concert in memory of the sisters, which was organized by producer Alex Holoptsev in November 2016. Then the girl with her husband Sergey and their parents attended as guests.

This year things have changed: together, we managed to persuade the singer to take part in the memorable evening.

“I am very happy, – have shared with “StarHit” Holoptsev. – I hope Natasha will perform a few songs sisters. We also invite her friend Jeanne Olga Orlova. I would very much like to present her family, among whom Lera Kudryavtseva, Philip Kirkorov, and many others.”