Испуганную Агату Муцениеце успокаивали участники «Голос. Дети» Actress and presenter has shared his impressions of the filming of the popular music project. Agata muceniece joined team “Voice. Children” this year, making the company Dmitry Nagiyev. Wife of Paul Priluchnogo admitted that he was nervous on the court.

In early February, on the First channel premiered the fifth season of the vocal show “the Voice. Children” with leading Dmitry Nagiyev and Agatha muceniece. Wife of Paul Priluchnogo changed on the post Svetlana Zeynalov.

Muceniece very responsibly approached to work on the project. As an actress, she was sincerely worried during the recording of the releases. At such moments, to help the presenter come the young contestants.

“At first I was very nervous, sometimes even the children reassured me. I remember one boy before his speech, I said, “now, hold my hands out!” – told the TV star, laughing, in a recent interview. – Although it is my responsibility to distract them before going on stage.”

According to Agatha, a job she got by accident. Initially the main producer of music and entertainment programs of the First channel Yuri Aksyuta were not even aware that the actress – wife stars of the series “Major” Paul Priluchnogo.

“It all started with what he saw on television advertising of our enterprise. Yuri Aksyuta drew attention to me, but I didn’t know that I flank a wife, because on the poster was my maiden name muceniece. When he found out who I was, invited me to participate in the program “Kings of plywood,” said how easy I improvise, and invited Konstantin Ernst my candidacy for the leading role,” recalls Agata.

Paul Priluchny is trying to support his wife. Last year work began on the third season of “Major” in which the actor plays a major role. In a recent interview the actor said that the shooting came to an end. Among other important events in his life, Paul singled out the purchase of an apartment. To purchase a property, Priluchny took a mortgage.

In 2018 Paul not less ambitious plans. The actor first try as producer of the film. Priluchny going to start working on a sports story about the wrestlers. Movie star excited about the script of the film and finds it very interesting. According to the artist, if circumstances are favorable, then the shooting will begin this summer.

In between filming and touring muceniece Priluchny and devote free time to children five-year-old Timothy and MIA, which in March will be two years. According to Agatha, the daughter grows real hostess. Despite his age, the girl helps her mother with the housework. By the way, Timothy and MIA went through a period of mutual misunderstanding – there was a time when children of the stars could not find a common language. Only three months ago, muceniece told the magazine “Hello!”, they were able to start again normally interact with.