Friends Vera Glagoleva on recent meetings and unsaid words

Друзья Веры Глаголевой о последних встречах и несказанных словах Friends came to the Studio program “Let them talk”. Today it became known that the actress and the Director Vera Glagoleva has died. Relatives and fans are unable to come to terms with bereavement.
Друзья Веры Глаголевой о последних встречах и несказанных словах

Today, the community was shocked with the news, a famous actress and Director Vera Glagoleva died. She died in a German clinic. Now family care to bring the body home. Faith Glagoleva buried in Russia

Friends and colleagues came to the Studio program “Let them talk”, to share memories about celebrities who passed away in ‘ 61.

Друзья Веры Глаголевой о последних встречах и несказанных словах

Guests in the Studio did not deny that Faith Glagoleva struggled with cancer. According to colleagues, the cancer began to develop after the heavy blow of fate. She thought the actress was very upset by the divorce with her first husband, Rodion by Nahapetova. However, she raised two daughters, Anna and Maria, in respect to the father. Contacted Larisa Guzeeva. She was struck by the assumptions about the causes of disease. Presenter of the First channel considers that in parting there is nothing wrong – after a time Glagoleva met a wonderful man Kirill Shubsky, who loved her and supported throughout.

“I don’t even know what you said now and what you need. She was absolutely happy, the daughter was married. Now to stick to the stress we all go back and forth. She was loved and loving, and Cyril was helping her in everything. And Faith did an amazing picture, but she wasn’t fragile like her screen image. She was strong, powerful, kind, open, curious(..)of Course, relatives know about the disease. Faith did not want to torture, never was talking that it hurts. Everyone thought that everything will pass, everything passed, you know?” – tearfully told Guzeeva.

Larisa Guzeeva believes that the actress didn’t want to disturb the family, and therefore not talked about the disease.

“She radiated an exceptional light”: relatives and colleagues remember Faith Glagoleva

Also presenter Dmitry Borisov decided to show an excerpt of an old interview where Vera Glagoleva talks about his favorite places in Moscow. She remembered how fed the pigeons with his brother.

Друзья Веры Глаголевой о последних встречах и несказанных словах

The direct link with the Studio “Let them talk” was released Vyacheslav Manucharov from Barcelona. He was leading at the wedding of the youngest daughter Nastasia Subsky and Alexander Ovechkin. He admitted that no one could assume about the illness of the actress.

Друзья Веры Глаголевой о последних встречах и несказанных словах“It’s like a thunder in a clear sky. No one could not think. At the wedding of Nastia danced until five in the morning. No illness, bad state. I know the Faith of Cyril and the whole family for years to come. This wedding is long awaited, lasted two days. On the first and second were tears of joy for my daughter. I talk about this I can’t help but smile, it is a piece of light, of energy,” said Manucharov.
Друзья Веры Глаголевой о последних встречах и несказанных словах

The actors with whom he worked Glagoleva, could not believe six months ago when he learned that she was diagnosed with cancer.

“One friend said that she had cancer. I receive a message from Ituran that we played together in the “Snipers.” She wrote that the Faith is very bad. It was may 21. I couldn’t believe she was going to write a new pattern. Faith was in excellent condition, mood,” – said a colleague of Glagoleva.

Друзья Веры Глаголевой о последних встречах и несказанных словах

Singer Katya LEL attended the wedding Subsky and Ovechkin. She said that the eldest daughter Glagoleva Anna cried a lot at the event. Now it seems that she knew about the mother’s illness, and therefore perhaps had a premonition of tragedy.

“Let them say” showed an excerpt of the program Andrei Malakhov’s “Tonight”. There Vera Glagoleva remembered how I got acquainted with the first husband Rodion by Nahapetova. The Director drew attention to the girl who came to the shooting. The man asked her to read the text in front of the camera. Then he said all that was found of the main character.

Друзья Веры Глаголевой о последних встречах и несказанных словах

The judge admitted that he felt responsible for the career of Vera Glagoleva, as for filming in the first film “On the edge” she had to abandon the competition in archery.

At the end of the programme Dmitriy Borisov invited the entire Studio to honor the memory of Vera Glagoleva.

“We will remember her as she was at his daughter’s wedding nastasi and Alexander is a beautiful, cheerful and happy,” concluded the presenter.