Friends Timur Kizâkova: “He never took a penny”

Друзья Тимура Кизякова: «Он не взял ни копейки» Alexander Shakhnazarov told about the income of the man. Timur Kizyakov met with the writer while working on the program “While all houses” and admired his enthusiasm. Colleagues began to communicate well, and still maintain a cordial relationship.
Друзья Тимура Кизякова: «Он не взял ни копейки»

The first edition of the program “While all houses” was released back in 1992. Easy and fun format, invented its permanent leading, just like not only the producers but also the audience. For example, Oleg Tabakov – in his home debut shot story, young Dung asked who in the family throws garbage. The master replied with a smile that he… Over the years the show was interviewed more than a thousand families, drunk tank tea and eaten 100 kg of crackers, and the Dung on Wednesday, August 30, celebrates the 50th anniversary! According to friends, stardom and arrogance avoided it. He is still simple, frugal and loves to make things with their hands.

Друзья Тимура Кизякова: «Он не взял ни копейки»“In the early 90-ies we with Timur worked in the office of the children’s programs of the Central television – says each anniversary Alexander Shakhnazarov. – Dung led the transfer of “early morning”. Our acquaintance took place in the moment when I received the assignment – to write a script for a new morning program. The name “While all the houses” the meeting came up with Timur, and then we locked ourselves in the office and plunged into work. He was only 25, and I – for 40 years. Timur started his way, and I by this time had to work hard and even to travel on trips abroad, which was rare at the time. However, the age difference is not felt, quite the contrary.
Друзья Тимура Кизякова: «Он не взял ни копейки»

Dung was smart and precocious. He literally gush of ideas. It Timur came up with the headings “Och. skillful hands”, “my Beast” and many others. I knew immediately that he was a rare instance, and sin was not to use its resources. We pretty quickly adopted the pilot, and we started filming. In the first editions of Dung appeared in ten different people-leader, astrologer, mechanics…

In spite of sociability, creativity and sense of humor, a colleague was modest. Always wore the same clothes. Honestly, the first time thought that he had only one shirt. And then he invited me for a visit and proved that it is not. Timur jokingly opened the wardrobe and showed that he has five shirts, but they are all very similar. Then he lived in Reutov, in a tiny apartment he inherited from his parents. There were two rooms, but in fact the second was like a closet. From furniture – a sofa on which he slept, a couple of chairs, a table. In the eyes immediately rushed to cool music speakers, he gathered himself. Affected technical education: Dung graduated from the Moscow power Institute on a speciality “Automatics and telemechanics”.

Your love for various inventions he brought to the heading “ochumelye ruchki”, which was many years paired with Andrei Bakhmetieva. Through friends found some cellars where later the shooting took place. The producers even had the idea to turn Kizâkova and Bakhmetiev “Screw and Shpuntik”, but she fortunately refused…
Друзья Тимура Кизякова: «Он не взял ни копейки»

By the way, Timur did not drink alcohol, so we had fun with him, mostly tea and crackers. Purge and this is reflected in the transmission. Comrade was very resourceful. In the 90-ies of the last word was considered to be the leather jackets. However, they cost a fortune and can afford was perhaps the bandits. But here, Kizyakov be smart. He has one trait he rarely something throws, often gives things a second life. Timur in the country and now in the garage it’s stored in perfect order – a nail to the nut. This ability is often rescued him.

Somehow he knew in his father’s garage and noticed a large bag with sticking out scraps of skin. Brought it home, opened it, and suggested that in the distant past it was a woman’s coat. Perhaps it was the contemporary of the mammoth. Skin looked very old and shabby. Timur laid the material on the table, picked up a piece to piece and realized that, if they should connect, that could be cool. Among his friends he found a girl who managed to make the “remains” of a good jacket. Strength is only inferior to body armor. Timur called simply called “Terminator-3”.

As the Terminator, which went through not one machine gun, the jacket had many smooth holes that “fell” on the shoulders. In their place was once the buttonholes. Madame had the idea to cover the “gap” fashion label. Timur has offered to stitch “Holes stitched”, but in English. Came out pretty Darned Holes. Then he walked up and down in that leather jacket. By the way, many praised and asked where he bought this “vintage”? I’m always amazed at thrift Kizâkova. I have tremendous recent stories about what he how many out there have stolen the money… It’s a lie. Timur never took a penny, he never show off. The first car served him 15 years old it even got ants. And only then he bought another, which goes so far”.