Friends Spartaka Mishulina sided with his daughter

Друзья Спартака Мишулина встали на сторону его дочери The actress said that her friends father was surprised by the statements of Timur Eremeeva. Karina Mishulina continues to accuse the alleged illegitimate son of Spartacus V. defamation. Earlier young man announced that he has witnesses.
Друзья Спартака Мишулина встали на сторону его дочери

This Friday, November 24, will be held court session on the suit Karina of Mishulin to Timur Yeremeyev, who calls himself the illegitimate son of people’s artist of Russia. The actress believes that she has publicly insulted and slandered. The media regularly publish new details of the resonance of history. Not so long ago Yeremeyev has declared, that has evidence of his innocence. According to Timur, there are witnesses ready to confirm his words.

Widow Spartaka Mishulina brought to a nervous breakdown talks about his alleged son

At the same time, Karina Mishulina, on the contrary, denies such statements. According to the daughter of Spartak Vasilyevich, friends of the actor willing to stand by her side.

“Dad introduced a villain for a long time hiding a second family. After the program we called my dad’s friends and colleagues, they called us. There was not one person who would not have cried: “What? About Spartacus?!” Nobody believes that, nobody said, “Well, you never know, maybe that’s all it is…” most of the colleagues of the Pope on the satire Theater amazed,” – said Karina.
Друзья Спартака Мишулина встали на сторону его дочери

Mishulina explained why he accepted the story of the alleged brother so close to my heart. Says a young woman, she and dad had a special bond. Karina trusted close person their secrets and rarely parted with it. When the actress was expecting a baby, Spartak Vasilyevich personally went with her to the doctors. According to the actress, she believed the parent of another, so the allegations of his second family began to of Mishulin real blow.

During the conversation with reporters, Kareena said that her mother Valentina Konstantinovna took care of my dad and loved him sincerely. Spartak Vasilyevich replied wife back.

“I called the Theater of the Soviet army, who for many years worked with dad in the entreprise: “Spartak Vasilyevich where only was not. I was young, unmarried and beautiful, but apart from paternal care, I felt this man nothing. No flirting! On the plane, at the Banquet, on the train – it is only about you and say: Karina, Val, Val, Karina”. All friends of the Pope acknowledge that the Pope could not be of another family…” – told the actress.

According to Karina of Mishulin, Timur Eremeev has not put forward any requirements to the family of Spartak Vasilyevich. The actress said that the famous actor left no relatives fabulous inheritance as you would think. I loved Mishulina usual two-bedroom apartment and a dacha in the Moscow region, writes “TV”.