Friends Sobchak and Vitorgan: “They are not called the son of Plato”

Друзья Собчак и Виторгана: «Они не называли сына Платоном» Friends of the star couple has denied numerous rumors around the name of the boy. Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan 18 Nov become parents. Now, the public builds different assumptions, as celebrity has named the newborn heir.

      Birth of Ksenia Sobchak became one of the main topics for discussion last week. Now the public is confused and guessing what name chosen happy parents for the baby. In the press and then there are various guesses and assumptions. Some believe that the boy was named after his grandfather presenter Anatoly, not so long ago there appeared information that Ksenia and Maxim called the son of Plato. Given that Sobchak and Vitorgan sense of humor to the excitement around the birth of their heir, they often compete for their fans in social networks. “StarHit” addressed to close friends of the couple and found that true are the rumors that spread in the Network.

      “Mom son”: as Ksenia Sobchak will bring the firstborn

      “Yes, they are pinned, commented on, surrounded by Ksenia and Maxim. – Actually no one still knows how a child named. Even the grandfather of Emmanuel Vitorgan still do not know what name was chosen for a grandson. It is generally classified information, so I think that Plato is nothing more than a joke”.

      Maksim Vitorgan is doing everything to protect wife and newborn son from the scrutiny of the paparazzi. He was infinitely grateful to the employees of the hospital in which was born his heir, for what the staff was able to keep secret all details of the birth of the child.

      “But the fact that none of the clinic staff, despite the pressure they endured in those days, despite being on duty around the clinic car with the paparazzi, despite repeated attempts to penetrate beneath the form of people/animals/things you didn’t turn us in, not sold and not leaked any information or especially photos were for me a great human discovery. It was important for us to protect this moment of our lives from Intrusive curiosity and built on it business. We are touched by your participation, responsibility and professionalism. Thank you from all my heart! You are real people!” – wrote in his microblog actor.

      Now Xenia and the newborn baby are at home. The TV presenter, who used to lead an active lifestyle, already bored on maternity leave. In my spare time, which turned out to be quite the young mother, she regularly takes pictures, which locates in his microblog.