Friends Sasha Artemov don’t want her to know

Друзья Саши Артемовой больше не хотят ее знать
Currently, the stars of the famous reality show “Dom-2” Alexander Artyomov and Evgeny Kuzin getting ready for the wedding.

Друзья Саши Артемовой больше не хотят ее знать

In February, the pair was victorious in the contest “Wedding in a million” held on the project.

Soon Sasha plans to obtain Russian citizenship because of this decision she deteriorated relationships with friends.

“Relatives in Ukraine, I have almost gone, only in Donetsk, Kharkiv. But mostly too parathesias in different countries – mainly also in Russia. We love her very much, always considered themselves Russian, the approach to Russia. But the two friends turned on me, went to serve in the Ukrainian army. For me it was a shock. So that’s that, and the political views, of course, can have friends to come together, but not with invective, abuse, death wish and the like. For me it’s a pain,” said Sasha correspondents.

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