Friends published the Testament of Alexei Batalov

Друзья обнародовали завещание Алексея Баталова Relatives and friends of people’s artist of the USSR, who departed this life on Thursday, saying goodbye. Friend Alexei Batalov, actress Natalia Drozhzhina, told reporters about his last wish. According to the woman, relatives of movie stars did not go against his will.
Друзья обнародовали завещание Алексея Баталова

Monday, June 19, the whole country says goodbye to the national actor of the USSR Alexey Batalov, who was buried at the Transfiguration cemetery. The funeral service for the actor was held on Sunday in the Metropolitan Church in honour of the mother of God “joy of All who sorrow” in Bolshaya Ordynka. The service was attended by relatives and friends of movie stars, including the widow of Alexei Vladimirovich Gitana leontenko to his daughter Mary, Nikita Mikhalkov and Director of the state Archives of the Russian Federation Sergey Mironenko. Metropolitan Hilarion gave the man’s condolences to Patriarch Kirill.

Alexei Batalov turned to his wife before his death

Recently friends of the Batalov told about his last wishes. According to the woman, he made a will in favour of a younger daughter Maria. However, the Hope, the eldest heir Alexei Vladimirovich, can also lay claim to the estate of his father – an apartment and a cottage. This will happen if something happens with Mary, says the actress Natalia Drozhzhina. According to the woman, close Batalov was sympathetic to his desire.

“Now the heiress Mary, then the successor will be Hope. And nobody is against it”, – shared the artist.
Друзья обнародовали завещание Алексея Баталова

During the conversation with journalists Natalia Drozhzhina also talked about the fact that the eldest and the youngest daughter of a legend movie get along well together. The actress has denied the speculation that the Director does not communicate with the successor, born in the first marriage. “Every year, Masha loved to celebrate his birthday in the House of writers. And she always invited Nadia. She came with flowers and gifts. I saw Rob hugged her and kissed,” recalled Drozhzhina.

According to the younger brother of actor Michael Ardov, shortly before his death he was feeling and was literally fading away in front of friends.

“When I visited him last, he was quite inferior, and with so pale a face I never one saw. But he perked up, smiled, laughed when I joked. I understood that it was already in the neighborhood,” shared a relative of the famous artist.

Now family members are Alexei Batalov think about who will care for Mary. Daughter of the actor, which was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, requires constant care. Mikhail Ardov suggested that the Gitana Arkadyevna will help the senior heir of the artist.

Recall that Alexei Batalov, died 15 June on 89-m to year of life. The actor died in his sleep. Then the numerous fans expressed condolences to his family and friends in social networks. In addition, they remembered the role of Alexei Vladimirovich and quotes from films with the movie stars. “Gosh, he’s Gogh, he’s Jora” to the memory of Alexei Batalov