Friends Presnyakov and Podolsky bought for their son the toy store

Друзья Преснякова и Подольской скупили для их сына магазин игрушек Star parents threw a great feast for a boy. The event Podolsk and Presnyakov called friends with kids. In the event the child organized the show with soap bubbles and animators.

On the eve of Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolsky noted the second anniversary of the son of Artemis. Early in the morning the happy father shared the video in which the heir tells how he year old turned, bending fingers on a hand.

The parents decided to make a child happy and arranged a great party called sister Natalia Julianna, Katie Topuria and many other friends with children. According to Natalia, she was very nervous as has never organized large-scale festivals. However, Agency staff did a good job. The singer shared his impressions in a microblog.

“Show dogs incredible! Shocked children of all ages and their parents! Show of soap bubbles in the dark under magic song by Lana Del Rey plunged us all into an unrealistic fairy tale! Teddy bears, life-sized machine, foam show, a fairy tale, but at the end of the paper disco! I was overwhelmed with emotions!” – written by Podolsky.

Social network users leave kind words stellar parents. “Congratulations! Happiness to you guys and the kids!”, “Happy birthday and Theme, and you, dear parents! Sure, the kid you gave a great holiday!”, “Congratulations on your baby. Let the little hero of the occasion will be healthy, obedient, relaxed and happy,” “Congratulations, Natasha and Vova, with a wonderful son! Let it grow healthy and pleased with you always!” wrote the followers of celebrities.

Apparently, Artemiy received a lot of gifts, because the next day the boy and his sisters studied boxes and new toys that came from it. In this short video, sister Podolsky, Julianna can be seen as her daughter sets apart the designer, and the birthday boy riding on a horse.

Recall that Podolsky and Presnyakov happily married for seven years. According to Vladimir, Natalia helped him in his time to stop to abuse alcohol. “I was helped by the realization that I could lose the woman you love”, the singer confessed many years later. According to the singer, even when they first met she realized that she Presnyakov will become her husband. “I think they gave me something for giving me such a husband,” says Natalia Podolskaya.